Forme® Enters Golf Market Therapeutic Wearables Correct Posture and Boost Recovery

(Los Angeles CA; August 30, 2022) — Forme®, a wellness-technology company dedicated to optimizing human posture and recovery, announces its launch into the golf market with its FDA registered therapeutic wearables featuring the Ace Polo and Pro Shorts.

After successful results with Olympians, NBA, MLB and NHL players, Forme®’s technicallysuperior products are now trusted by golf professionals and champions across all PGA tours, amateur golfers, coaches and top golf fitness professionals.

“Golfers, due to habitual forward postures and demanding playing and travel schedules, have a demonstrated history of muscular-skeletal injuries including neck, back, hip and shoulder injuries which can impact their physical and mental health,” said Dr. Stephen Liu,

Chairman and Founder of Forme®. “We are a healthcare technology company that has helped many athletes and pro golfers improve their recovery and training by helping them breath better and accelerate faster muscle relaxation via natural and sustainable solutions from the effects of playing, traveling and sleeping.”

Scientific evidence and rigorous, proven methods are at the core of Forme®’s innovation process as its products can be easily integrated into daily life for the improvement of one’s physical and cognitive health. The FormeTech™ inner layer is built into every Forme® wearable, from the eco-friendly Core Tee to the Ace Polo, with embedded posture
correction and training kinematics that are designed to instantly correct posture by proper muscle engagement. Forme® products are comfortable daily wear for training, competition, recovery, travel and sleep. On and off the course, Forme® wearables mitigate risk of injury, enabling quicker recovery and better play.

“Forme® engineered technical body transformation products are built with an emphasis on mobility, performance and recovery,” added Dr. Liu. “Forme® therapeutic wearables are specifically created to help golfers and non-golfers feel connected, make their movements more efficient and recover quicker so they can perform their best.”

Forme®’s family of products include:

The Ace Polo

The Ace Polo is the only FDA registered patented posture correcting and training polo in the world. It can be easily worn for training and playing. The two buttons on the polo can be buttoned up or kept open for different posture control. The inner layer, embedded with our patented technology, offers biomechanical training by keeping your right shoulder
back for a more consistent golf swing, synchronizing your shoulder blades for better putting, and improving your thoracic spine rotation, all while training your spine muscles and keeping your neck relaxed. Wear it on or off the golf course for improved and quicker body recovery.

Forme Ace Polo

The Pro Short

Loved by professional athletes across the PGA TOUR, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, among others, the Pro Short lives up to its name. It is designed to fix your pelvic tilt, correct and train your hip alignment, reduce back pain, and accelerate recovery. The patented technology activates the glutes and spine muscles to keep the hip in neutral alignment for less back pain, and improve hip mobility.  Wear it to maximize your daily activities or as
an undergarment for work, play, travel and sleep. Pair with the Ace Polo for spine elongation, muscle engagement and total body recovery. 

The Pro Short.

Forme® is used by many PGA golfers, coaches and trainers including:

“I have been struggling with my posture and back trouble the past couple of years and Forme® has put me in the right position. It ties everything together. I feel a lot more powerful and am generating a lot more clubhead speed. It is awesome.”-H English PGA TOUR

“The shirt provides instant feedback. I can feel my neck relax and all the tension on my back and neck is gone. It doesn’t just help when standing up but also when I sit down. I like to wear it mostly when I travel because it helps with my recovery. The shirt automatically brings my shoulder blades down and back. I am no longer hunched over and my alignment
is as good as it has ever been.”- J Wolfe, Two-time Korn Ferry Tour winner

“You can only swing the cub as well as your body is set up to it and posture is a massive part of the game that I am looking at all the time. Forme® is a great assistance for good cervical posture and shoulder blade alignment. Great benefits for traveling, playing, recovery and working out.- J. Parsons, Senior Instructor, Sea Island Golf Performance Center

“When I first put on the shirt, I got instant feedback. The longer I wore the product, the better improvement I saw in my own flexibility, rotation and posture. Not to mention the better positions I was able to get my body into. So I made some of my clients wear the shirt during their training sessions. The results have been remarkable.” – S. Roberts, Senior Golf-Fitness Trainer

About Forme®

Forme® is a science-driven, wellness-technology company dedicated to optimizing human posture and recovery to build a foundation for stronger body, better stamina, and less injury. The health benefits of a posture perfect body have been well documented, and Forme has commercialized the only natural and sustainable solution to enrich these benefits.

Forme® is about redefining users’ standard of self-care and redefining the basic form of the wearer. People’s health, mood, mind and appearance all rest on this foundation. Forme® wants to fully enhance people’s lives so they can be their best selves. All products are made in the U.S., with a strong therapeutic focus.

Meet the new standard of self-care, driven by science.

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