Clubhouse Archives: Web3’s Luxury Brand & Marketplace Set To Launch

Web3’s Luxury Brand & Marketplace Set To Launch

DENVER, CO – July 6, 2022 – Clubhouse Archives, Inc. announces the launch of its very own marketplace in the form of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), giving the community and token holders the opportunity to purchase curated luxury apparel.

The Clubhouse Archives mint, or published release, will initially include 1880 digital tokens for men and women that serve as a lifetime membership and grant its holders “utility” including governance, access, participation and community. The holders of these tokens will become the founding members of the brand and marketplace, and entitles them to share in the sales and royalties in perpetuity. This Genesis mint, where you can purchase your membership, will start July 13, 2022.

Clubhouse Archives veteran leadership team is headed by 21-year apparel design veteran and artist James Costa and includes: Steven Matoskey, Chief Operating Officer, bringing 10 years of experience in operations and organizational planning, Marty Hackel, the former Fashion Director of Golf Digest; Jaron Ross, former men’s buyer at Bergdorf Goodman; Greg Mike, visual artist and successful NFT creator; Matthew Klein, co-founder of -Sweater Ventures; and, Rob Bass, 3-D design veteran.

“We felt it was imperative to bring together individuals that not only had great acumen, integrity and passion, but also an affinity to the evolution of fashion and commerce,” said James Costa. “NFTs are the future of commerce, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of such a revolutionary and exciting industry.”

“Our mission is to develop the first luxury NFT apparel brand born on the Ethereum blockchain and become one of the first fashion lifestyle retailers in Web3,” added Costa. “The NFT community is in the frontier stages of development. There are virtually no limits to what we can accomplish using the tools of non-fungible tokens.”

The initial collections will have a focus on luxury golf sportswear mixed with counterculture luxury streetwear. “These two apparel genres have been on a collision course for quite some time, and when you add in the NFT community, the results will be an exciting and transformative union,” said Ross.

Each limited luxury collection will feature digitally animated 3-D apparel that will come with an Italian-made physical garment. “Collections are created by the designer and voted upon by the membership, making them the decision-makers and consumers of the brand,” added Hackel. “This truly makes Clubhouse Archives a truly first-of-its-kind luxury NFT brand.”

“We are also thrilled to offer Crossmint as our custodial wallet and payment platform,” added Matoskey. “In short, while maintaining the spirit of a Web3 pioneer, Crossmint will allow consumers a significantly easier way to join while being able to engage in our ecosystem with no barrier to entry. For a Web3 company, this is a real game-changer.”

For those interested we invite you to join our discord at :

About Clubhouse Archives:

Clubhouse Archives is a blockchain-born, luxury apparel NFT experience pioneering Web3 commerce. Converging fashion and digital asset ownership, the initial mint of 1880 genesis tokens for men and women will serve as a lifetime membership and grant its holders enhanced utility through functional value including voice, access, participation and community. Clubhouse Archives believes power should be in the hands of the community that founded the business and that our access is their access.


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