“Spoiling a Good Walk… with Ease”

I have to extend many thanks to Public Relations specialist David Wheatley from Medi8 Limited for giving me the opportunity to test and review the BIG MAX Golf IQ 360. 

The Set-Up

BIG MAX Golf has been a golf industry leader in Europe since 1994 and while being a “household name” on that continent, their reach in North American markets is a little more akin to being in a toddler stage than it is an “infancy stage”. The brand has been entrenched in a battle with its competitors in the United States and Canada since 2014.

When it comes to push carts or golf trolleys (depending on where you’re from) , the BIG MAX brand has been producing push carts for the last 20 or so years. Over that span of time, BIG MAX has proven that they can bring innovative designs to the market generation after generation. For example, the IQ 360 Push Cart.

The IQ 360 Push Cart is a product that echoes the sentiments above. Compact and lightweight, the IQ 360 is an easy travel companion to take from your small apartment or flat, load up into your vehicle, and in a matter of seconds you’re ready to head to the first tee upon arriving at the golf course.

Some features of the IQ 360 are…

  • Its aluminum design is lightweight. While empty, the IQ 360 weighs approximately 14.2 lbs (6.8 kg).
  •  A large organizer panel. The organizer panel allows for the storage of oft-used items during your round of golf. Golf balls, tees, water bottles, ball markers, cell phone, keys and your rangefinder or handheld device all fit with ease. With room to spare.
  • With BIG MAX’s Quick LOK (QL) feature you can quickly connect accessories like a beverage holder, umbrella holder, or a cell phone holder. **** Every IQ 360 now ships with a free accessory bundle worth $80.
  • BIG MAX Golf also features its Quick Fix (QF) system. There are two additional slots for accessories by using their QF appointment for further customizing your push cart.
  • Instead of fumbling around down by your feet to locate the parking brake, a convenient handbrake comes standard with the IQ 360.
  • Folding and unfolding is easy with its one-step design. In one fluid motion, your IQ 360 is unfolded and ready-to-go.
  • The front wheel rotates 360*. If you’re on hilly terrain the front wheel can be locked into place for more stability.

The IQ 360 retails for $299 USD. For more information on the BIG MAX Golf IQ 360 push cart please visit https://us.bigmaxgolf.com/product/iq-360/.

The Transition

Full-disclosure. Prior to my testing opportunity for the push cart I had never used any product from BIG MAX Golf. Unless you count while being on the show floor at the PGA Show. So, I really didn’t know what to expect. Seeing that it does have European stylings, I did have one characteristic in mind. Quality.

When the package(s) arrived from BIG MAX Golf I didn’t waste a whole lot of time getting to the unboxing. I took it to the nearest beach and recorded a video. During the initial unboxing a few things came to mind. I was very impressed with the compact design of the IQ 360 (wheels off), the size of the storage compartment, its weight, and lastly how easy it was to put together (no tools necessary).To watch the unboxing video, please see below.

Testing on this IQ 360 push cart started back in April (it’s currently July) and we had some very inclement weather. I actually played golf on a couple of days where there was snow, sleet, rain and winds sustained 70 km/h with gusts approaching 90 km/h (55 mph). In these conditions, the push cart performed very well. It did get blown over a couple of times.The cart was easy to maneuver. On these days, the weather wasn’t fit for man nor beast let alone golf, but it was a long winter.

As the testing has worn on, the BIG MAX Golf IQ 360 continues to impress. Almost every conceivable golf bag will fit onto the cart and the accessories that are available to “pimp your ride” is almost limitless.  The push isn’t straining in wet or dry conditions and the compact design truly is a space saver.  If you have a small apartment or flat where space is limited, pop off the two wheels with their click release buttons and store away your cart.

**If and I mean if there is a concern that I have, it is with the narrow wheelbase of the two rear wheels. That said, it hasn’t been problematic as I write this review.

The Finish

In what was my first BIG MAX Golf experience, I can tell you that I highly recommend the IQ 360 push cart. There’s a reason why BIG MAX has been doing this for so long and why they are Europe’s #1 leading push cart brand. They’re that good.

Lightweight and compact, the design is smart and well thought out. Pushing the IQ 360 down the fairways is a breeze. 

If you need a golf push cart, look no further than the BIG MAX Golf IQ 360. For more information please click here.

Until The Next Tee!!

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