This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available.

Join my Co-Host Doug Lauder and I on the patio at Niagara National Golf and Country in Stevensville, Ontario for “The TeeBox Chatter Golf Podcast” presented by Golfing Magazine. In this episode we discuss…

Making the switch on the greens – 0:00 – 7:40

Is the Meijer Classic “Myer” or “Major”. Kupcho wins  and balancing life – 8:17 – 12:45

Predicting the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship – 12:50 – 21:10

Play the proper tees. Shorten it up and have fun again. – 21:13 (a surprise drop-in at 23:00) – 24:40

The U.S. Open. Matty Fitz, Billy Foster, and Will Z – 24:45 – 32:00

Golf’s feeder systems (Golf Canada, AJGA, NCAA) – 32:15 – 38:40

Talented gene pools (The Henderson’s, Korda’s, and The Fitz’s) – 38:45 – 43:00

Grayson Murray expert “Tomahawk Thrower”. He also tossed a ball and hat to kids – 43:30 – 46:20

The Great Lakes Tour comes to Niagara National – 48:25 – 53:00

Play the right tees for YOUR Game – 53:15 – End


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