After a week-long hiatus, “The TeeBox Chatter Golf Podcast” is back. This one has a Canadian maple syrup taste to it.

In this episode of “TeeBox Chatter” my Co-Host Doug Lauder and I take a look at some happenings in the last week in golf. Up north, the RBC Canadian Open made it’s return after over 1,000 days without taking place. Thank-you pandemic! And speaking of Canada we talk about who the greatest Canadian golfer(s) are. Spoiler alert: Brooke Henderson who just claimed her 11th victory at the LPGA Shoprite Classic, is there. Also, we get into this weeks U.S. Open.

Rory defended his title. Wins the 2022 RBC Canadian. It was great to be back.

Oh, even though we tried not to we delved into the inaugural LIV Golf event and some possible happenings that could really be a disruption to professional golf as we know it.

Thanks for joining us.

  • LIV Golf and DP World Tour merger? – 2:30
  • What if the Saudi’s backed the LPGA, would there be the same push-back? – 3:35
  • “The Rebel Guinea Pigs” – 5:30
  • LIV Golf = Life-changing – 8:15
  • More going on then we know deep inside the walls of the PGA Tour? 14:40
  • The RBC Canadian Open returns – 16:30
  • How the 21 Canadians fared. Pat Fletcher, you’re still the last one to win the Canadian Open #1954 – 22:50
  • Rory repeats – 25:30
  • Remembering foolscap (sorry Rae) and Rory’s barb – 28:30
  • Canada’s best golfer ever – 32:00
  • Brooke Henderson – 33:16
  • Equipment Talk: Vice Golf Pro Zero golf balls and Pure gloves. Surprising availability in the United States, in Target? – 42:48
  • Equipment Talk: SQAIRZ Golf. Thank you Robert Winskowicz for the opportunity to test and review SQAIRZ Golf Speed golf shoes – 48:20
  • Equipment Talk: Terry Hashimoto and past TeeBox Chatter guest Jake Thurm gets a mention – 53:10
  • Equipment Talk: Golf Pride CPx golf grips – 55:00
  • Has the next dominant generational golfer been born yet? – 59:00
  • Having “it” – 1:03:35