“The TeeBox Chatter Golf Podcast” – From Florida to the Land’s of Kings and Princes (Golf Course Architect Ron Garl)

In this episode of the “TeeBox Chatter Golf Podcast” I am joined by two special guests. The first guest is a renowned golf course architect who has built and remodeled golf courses all over the world. From “The Great White North” (Canada) to the Middle East. Chances are that if you’ve played golf in Florida, you’ve played a Ron Garl design. 

Golf Course Architect Mr. Ron Garl.

My second guest is a guest that has been on “the TeeBox” with me. Claudio DeMarchi, “The Traveling Golfer” who has experienced many of Mr. Garl’s designs all over the world. Some of the topics discussed include.

  • How many courses has Mr. Garl has designed.
  • The challenges of design and overseeing projects during COVID-19. Thank-you Zoom.
  • The process of designing a golf course.
  • Golf courses with character that he designed. Uxbridge, Ontario’s Wooden Sticks gets a nod. Mr. Garl, you sir are the record for a round at Wooden Sticks. Golden Ocala with a mention too.
  • The relationship between the State of Florida and Canadian golfers.
  • Golf in Central Florida.
  • The Mission Inn and Resort re-model.
  • What the heck is Carrabba’s?
  • Working with Sandals Resorts.
  • Taboo, Mike Weir, Weir Beer, and Tour Edge Golf.
  • Talking fly fishing.
  • The practice grounds at Golden Ocala King’s and Princes need to practice in Morocco too.
Hole #16 in Uxbridge, Ontario’s Wooden Sticks.

I’d like to take the time to once again thank Mr. Garl and Mr. DeMarchi for joining me on “The TeeBox”.

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