TeeBox Chatter – “The Clarity of Golf Simulators”

In this episode of the TeeBox Chatter Golf Podcast I welcome Bill Bales to the first teebox. We talk about everything when it comes to golf simulators and the history of video games dedicated to golf. There were others well before “Tiger Woods PGA Tour”. From a time when the games were about strategy and not-so much about graphics. We discuss his role in developing or in assisting with the development of one of the golf simulator industry’s leaders AboutGolf.

Clarity Golf’s Founder Bill Bales

We also talk about his latest project (Clarity Golf) and where it’s heading. The format that Clarity Golf is currently developing will blow your mind. Many thanks to Mary Beth Lacy from golf public relations firm Mary Beth Lacy, Inc. for arranging this interview with her client.

For more information on Bill Bales and Clarity Golf please visit Clarity.Golf

Until The Next Tee!!

#FightAndGrind #SeeUOnTheNextTee

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