Recently I had the privilege of welcoming Jake Thurm to the first tee.

Jake is one of golf’s best young teachers and the accolades have piled up in a short period of time. Some of the recognitions that he’s received include multiple Golf Digest awards for “Best Teachers in Every State 2022-2023”, “Best Teachers Illinois 2022-2023”, and “Best Young Teachers 2017”. Jake is also the coach of two-time PGA TOUR winner Kevin Streelman and PGA TOUR Champions player Tim Petrovic.

Moreover, Jake is an expert in using ground forces to make golfers of all skill levels, better. Jake Thurm is an ambassador for the V1 Pressure Mat”.

Join us for a very insightful and informative discussion as we discuss everything from whether or not THE PLAYERS Championship is a “5th Major”, The experience that being on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Clubs offers, working with TOUR pro’s, applying ground force and the data collected from the V1 Pressure Mat, a few misconceptions about the golf swing, and “Energy Fizz”.

For those wanting to get to the nitty gritty I recommend advancing to the 32:00 mark.

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