The Stroke Play Story

Laughs after a long day. Rocking and rolling on the fairways to your favourite music. Having fun and perhaps, enjoying a chilled beverage. These are the fundamentals on which Stroke Play Golf Apparel was founded.

Stroke Play Golf Apparel (SPGA) was created in the middle of Ontario’s award-winning “Niagara Wine Country”. Forged in the middle of a global pandemic where boredom and lockdowns were an unfortunate norm, four friends sought out a way to develop a golf apparel company that was committed to exploring the lighter side of golf. What started out initially as a desire to make fun-loving t-shirts for golfers in 2020, Stroke Play has slowly evolved to now offer a wider range of apparel to golfers.

In 2021, Stroke Play Golf Apparel was launched in North America. Ever since, the company has begun to diversify their involvement in amateur golf. Stroke Play has been a sponsor of many local golf tournaments and recently became a sponsor of the Amateur Players Tour (Toronto and the newly-formed Niagara Chapter). 

Stroke Play Golf Apparel wants golfers to keep it loose on the golf course. Go ahead, play golf with the tunes (respectfully) cranked. Enjoy beverages or partake in other vices that might make your round of golf… more enjoyable. Need help with a music selection? Scan the Spotify barcode from our website for a rockin’ golf playlist. Golf is all about having a good time and enjoying the company of others. Golf can be enjoyed by people of any age or skill level and we hope that everyone enjoys our apparel as much as we do. On or off the golf course.

Stroke Play Golf Apparel can be found not only in retail locations around Niagara, but also worldwide through our Stroke Play Golf Apparel website. The company currently ships anywhere in Canada and the Continental United States.

Follow us over social media. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok @strokeplayofficial. 

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