My Thoughts on the New Exotics 722 Series From Tour Edge Golf

This is a special time of the year. In a way, it’s a time of year that is similar to the “Atlantic Storm Season” every year from July to October. As it so turns out the golf industry has a season that runs from late October to early February. It’s a time that golf equipment manufacturers let the world know what is coming. Shiny new drivers, vivid apparel, and stylish shoes. This phenomenon is called “ReleaseFest”. The number of press releases are, in a way, hard to fathom.

One of the press releases that caught my eye, and literally made my eyes widen was a press release from Tour Edge Golf. You know, that OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from Batavia, Illinois that you may not have even considered. It’s a company that has been on the rise – in my opinion – since 2019. That was the year where they made it known to the golf community that you can produce premium golf equipment with premium components without the premium price tag. 

In 2019, their Exotics EXS range impressed and they continued to build on that in 2020 with their EXS 220 line-up. How did they follow up from that successful range? Well, led by President David Glod, they simply put their noses to the grindstone and developed golf clubs that were enough to entice legend and PGA Tour Champions Charles Schwab Cup winner, Bernhard Langer to sign a deal to play their equipment. Those clubs were 2021’s Exotics 721 series. The improvement over 2020 was huge. Better sound, better feel, and the line-up boasted performance for days. 

(Fun Fact: John Daly played their Exotics C721 irons. A hollow-bodied design)

Besides signing Bernhard Langer to a multi-year contract, Tour Edge Golf has an impressive stable of golfers. A list of PGA Tour Champions stars like Duffy Waldorf, Scott McCarron,Tom Lehman, and Tim Petrovic to name a few. Now, in 2022, they’ve made a couple of nice signings. First, there was Germany’s Alex Cejka and then an announcement that was likely felt all over Canada. Canada’s left and 2003 Masters Champion Mike Weir signed a multi-year deal with Tour Edge who was with TaylorMade Golf for as long as I can remember. I’m curious to see the influence that Mike Weir has both on Tour Edge’s visibility, especially in Canada and their presence with left-handed golfers in the consumer sector.The lack of left-handed options has been a sticking point for many, as inquiries to The Next Tee have told me. Moreover, Weir is sponsored by Golf Town. I’ve never seen Exotics products in any of their stores that I’ve visited.

For nearly two months I’ve sat on the press release for the new Exotics 722 series of metals (Pro Tip: There’s more next week). The new Exotics metals targets two specific types of golfer. The “E” series or Extreme Spec is or the golfer looking for a little bit of help (the E722 driver is 460cc), meanwhile, the “C” or Competitive Spec is targeted towards the better player (smaller profile etc). Tour Edge Golf has incorporated some of their technology from recent past iterations, like SpeedTested shafts, Ridgeback Technology, DiamondFace Technology. However, new to the development of the C722 is what’s referred to as RyzerSole Technology. RyzerSole Technology consists of three separate elements “on the sole of the clubhead; an unprecedented 90-grams placed as low as possible in the sole of the clubhead (80-permanent Tungsten weight and a 10-gram adjustable weight) as part of a sole rail that extends from leading edge to trailing edge” The purpose of this is to create a “super-low and forward CG, high-launching shots with amazingly low spin rates, decreased turf interaction and maximum ball speed off the face.”

So, if you’re looking for new clubs this season, be sure to check out the Exotics 722 Series from Tour Edge Golf. I cannot wait to swing them.