HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Jan. 12, 2022 — XXIO®, a global leader in premium lightweight golf equipment, introduces the all-new XXIO X. The new XXIO X officially launches in North America on Feb. 11, 2022.

A skilled player with a strong swing stands to benefit greatly from XXIO’s unique lightweight designs. XXIO X stands apart as woods and irons that pair easily with your natural speed to enhance distance and accuracy beyond what you thought possible.

“XXIO X has the DNA of every XXIO product – lightweight and easy to swing. However, it’s tuned to the more accomplished player,” said Brian Schielke, General Manager at XXIO. “More compact irons, lower spinning woods, and stiffer shafts make X a great choice for better players looking to increase their speed and experience the benefits of XXIO.”

Featured across the entire line of XXIO Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids, ActivWing improves aerodynamics at the start of the downswing to stabilize the clubhead and tighten up the impact pattern.

The all-new XXIO Rebound Frame and Flat Cup Face enables the new X line of clubs to effectively transfer energy into the golf ball at impact with remarkable levels of power and efficiency. Rebound Frame consists of four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones that, when activated at impact, enhance overall COR. Meanwhile, the Flat Cup Face flexes significantly at impact for even more power and distance.

With the new X Irons, skilled players will feel free to attack the pin with confidence. These irons feature a new high-strength steel face plate, laser micro milling for optimal spin consistency, loft specific grooves, and a V-Shaped sole for a pure feel on every strike.

Aggressive looks, premium feel, and stouter shafts make XXIO X the irresistible choice for accomplished players seeking to enhance their game with lightweight, easy-to-swing clubs.

Key Technologies:

  • ActivWing: Featured on the Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids, ActivWing stabilizes the clubhead by altering aerodynamic forces at work in the first half of the downswing. The airfoil generates lift, guiding the club to its optimal impact angle for maximum speed and distance.
  • Rebound Frame: On the woods, four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones enhance overall COR. And for the first time, X Drivers feature Rebound Frame with a Cup Face for even more power on strikes across the face. On the irons, a thinner face allows the entire face to flex more extensively while grooves etched deep into the interior of the iron body further enhance flex.
  • Flat Cup Face: To improve COR across the entire Cup Face, the face center is larger and thinner. It increases ball speed and distance no matter where you strike the ball.
  • Dual Speed Technology: A heavier clubhead and an extremely lightweight shaft work together to increase ball speed and swing speed at the same time, creating a multiplier effect that greatly increases your carry numbers.
  • Weight Plus: Our proprietary design positions mass under your grip, behind your hands. This helps you find the ideal spot at the top of your swing and makes the downswing more consistent.

XXIO Rebound Drive Golf Balls

The new XXIO Rebound Drive golf balls provide the versatile performance that golfers demand to handle every situation out on the course.

These golf balls feature XXIO’s proprietary Rebound Frame Technology, which interposes areas with high and low rigidity to produce just the right amount of flex for higher initial ball speeds along with a pure feel at impact. It’s distance, feel, spin, and all the performance needed in one new golf ball offering from XXIO.

Retail Information and Pricing


Pricing: $699.99 for XXIO X Driver, $399.99 for XXIO X Fairway Woods, $299.99 for XXIO X Hybrids, $199.99 for individual steel irons/$224.99 for individual graphite irons, $1,199.99 for six-piece steel set/$1,349.99 for six-piece graphite set

U.S. Retail Launch Date: February 11, 2022

XXIO Rebound Drive Golf Balls

Pricing: $49.99

Colors: Premium White, Lime Yellow, Premium Pink and 4 Color Pack (Premium Pink, Lime Yellow, Orange, and Ruby Red)

U.S. Retails Launch Date: February 11, 2022.