I’ve been brainstorming ways to add more content to Until The Next Tee. With a beta test podcast wrapped up in 2021 and on the go for 2022, I wanted to come up with more ideas for content. I know, it’s not a revolutionary concept. So, when some unexpected golf-friendly weather emerged on January 1st, 2022, it allowed me to play some New Year golf here in Niagara, Ontario. While I was out there, it came to me. Hole VLOG’s.

But, these won’t be typical VLOG entries that last 30 seconds or so. There’s going to a little more substance to them. Random thoughts, the occasional tip, and more. I always talk to myself when I’m out there by myself.

Below is the first entry. Simply titled, “The First Hole of 2022”. I intend to make this sort of entry a regular occurrence when possible.

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Until The Next Tee!!

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