OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL (December 16, 2021) – Zero Friction, LLC, is heading back to Orlando this January for the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show.  The maker of advance maker of high-quality, technologically advanced products for golfers worldwide will showcase it golf products Jan. 26-28 in Booth number 3273 at the Orange County Convention Center.

“While our business has continued to grow during the pandemic, we have missed much of the face to face interaction with our clients and colleagues in the golf industry,” said John Iacono, founder and President of Zero Friction. “It will be special to see everyone in person at the PGA Show as we introduce some new, exciting products.”

Buyers can get a close up look at three new Zero Friction products:  the TurfTee; the Power 3 golf tee with a three inch option; and most notable, the Wheel Pro Push Cart Bag, a multi-functional push or pull golf cart.

Inventory management is a key to most of the Zero Friction products. All the models in the popular and colorful ZF glove line are universal fit gloves that mold to your hand for a guaranteed fit. The true advantage of the Zero Friction glove line for retailers is that the universal fit means shops do not have to carry a huge inventory of sizes. Instead, the shops can offer a large selection of colors.

Zero Friction benefits golf shops with a creative selection of packaging, including the SuperTubes, which received the ING Industry Honors Product Ingenuity award for its packaging of color-matched glove, Spectra™ distance golf balls and tees.

Zero Friction also has logo capabilities including logo golf balls, gloves, and tees, which has experienced significant growth this past year. Licensed gloves and Supertubes featuring NFL, MLB, NHL and the top 20 collegiate teams will also have a dedicated section.

Zero Friction recently entered the golf laser rangefinder segment in a big way with its Zero Friction Laser Pro and Laser Pro SM products. And like most Zero Friction products, this one has a unique element that separates it from the competitors.  Both Zero Friction Laser Pro models come with a pistol shape rubber handle grip, making it very simple to get yardage for your next shot. Simply aim and click, and the exact distance appears on an easy-to-read LCD display magnified X6.

For more information on the company, see the Zero Friction catalog, visit www.zerofriction.com, or call 630-317-7700.

About Zero Friction

Based in Oakbrook Terrace, Il, Zero Friction is known industry wide for being on the cutting edge when it comes to introducing new products to players and creative packaging for its retail partners. Zero Friction provides high-quality, technologically advanced products for golfers worldwide, including gloves, performance golf tees, balls and accessories. The company established the performance golf tee market, creating the first and only performance tee to ever carry the PGA TOUR logo. Zero Friction’s most recent success story is in the golf glove segment. Zero Friction’s colorful line of compression-fit gloves for men, women and juniors takes the guesswork out of sizing.  Compression-fit technology means a universal fit within the various models, and the glove that will hold its shape longer than any on the market.  To view the entire line of Zero Friction golf products, visit http://www.ZeroFriction.com.

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