“Sundaze… Not Just Fore The Weekend”

Enjoy the walk.

The Set-up

Golf accessories are such a huge part of the golf industry. They can range anywhere from golf tees, super-expensive headcovers for your driver, and they pretty much encompass anything that doesn’t fall into the apparel, ball, or equipment category. So, to say that golf accessories make up a generous portion of golf industry revenue, is a bit of an understatement. Sunday Golf is one of those companies that make up a section of this sector of the industry.

In case you aren’t familiar with Sunday Golf, Sunday Golf comes from the mind of Founder Ronan Galvin and is a golf brand headquartered in sunny San Diego, California. They are the makers of golf bags (the Loma Sunday Bag) and accessories such as towels, caps, coolers, valuables pouches and more.

Sunday Golf is the perfect brand #foretheweekend. A brand dedicated to the small things that makes golf such a great game. Those moments of chatting with your friends before the round, heck, afterward too! It’s a brand for that golfer who says that they want to quit the game but ultimately come back, a day later. Often because of the last swing made. It’s a brand that’s about fun and carrying less.

Serious golfer? Well, don’t worry because, Sunday Golf is there for you too! The brand doesn’t care which walk of life you’re from, the only thing that matters is that you love the game of golf.

The Transition

Many thanks go out to Rafaella Aguiar who reached out to me to ask if I’d be interested in testing a product or two from Sunday Golf. Without “Raf”, I would never have had this opportunity, so thank you Raf.

Of course, I was more than happy to have the opportunity to have a long look at some of their products. So, imagine my surprise when two boxes from California arrived. It felt like the holiday season and I couldn’t wait to see what was sent. So, I set off to a nearby trail and did my unboxing. It was like a treasure chest. For testing and review, I received (and note the names)…

  • One Cobalt Blue Loma Sunday Bag
  • One “Dimebag” Valuables Pouch
  • One bag of “Lucky Bamboo” golf tees. (Tee Bag)
  • 2 golf towels (“Miami Vice” and “The Perfect Swing”) and
  • Sunday Golf Rope Hat

The items sent was very generous. Anything that you’d need to get started is available in one place. The very first thing that caught my attention about their products was their logo. I imagine the logo (dubbed “Sundaze”) depicts the Pacific Ocean and looking back towards the California coast. With a combination or script and print the appearance is classy and cool.

So I set up my newly arrived Loma Sunday Bag right there on the spot, beside the Welland Canal. The unboxing video is below. Beware… It’s lengthy.

So with setting up the golf bag with seven clubs and all of the needed accessories there was only one thing to do. Commence the testing and employ the products received to do what they were made for. Get them on the range or the golf course and report on them.

Lucky Bamboo Golf Tees – The “Lucky Bamboo” (“Tee Bag”) is a perfect start to setting up your golf bag and are the perfect place to start my summary of testing. I mean, the first thing that we do on the first tee is tee one up right?

The “Lucky Bamboos” are 100% eco-friendly which is an n increasingly important talking point of the industry. Each “Tee Bag” consists of 100 tees inside of a resealable bag. All of the tees measure a good all-around 2 3/4″ in length so you can tee up the “big dog” or tee down a wedge on a very short par 3. There are two separate designs and they have a cool, retro feel to them. While one version of the “Lucky Bamboo” tees simply has the Sunday Golf logo in the cup part of the tee (where the golf ball sits). The other design has a retro feel with alternating navy blue and white bars that sandwich a wider bar with “Sunday Golf” emblazoned on them.

Lucky Bamboo Golf Tees and the Tee Bag are a great appetizer.

I spilled some tea tee on the ground.

Sunday Golf Rope Hat – This rope hat is not your father’s or grandfather’s cap. Folks, I’m getting old. You know, those rope hats made popular in the 70’s? Well, I think it was the 70’s. Anyways, these caps from Sunday Golf are not those.

Retro is king.

It really feels like “retro” is a word that’s going to be used in this review. Rope hats have gained in popularity as major club manufacturers offer variations of this style of cap.

The rope hats from Sunday Golf are very lightweight. Because of the time of the year that I received these products, I cannot comment on the breathability of the fabric. But, the fabric which consists of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex is light and seems breathable. The snapback enclosure allows “The Rope” by Imperial Headwear to be a one size fits all. The 5-panel “Retro Fit” has a fit similar to what you’d see from the 70’s as the profile is what I would describe as having a high profile, meaning, that it has a high crown.

The grey sweatband is nice to have as you don’t have to worry about your cap taking on the yellowing from sweat. Another like of mine is the branding on the left side of the cap and the color contrast of the blue rope. This cap is comfortable and stylish. There are a ton of colour options to choose from. My favourite is the “Tropical” Golf Hat.

The Dimebag Golf Valuables Pouch.

“The Dime Bag” Golf Valuables Pouch – Having easy access to your valuables during your round, preferably walking, is always nice. Sometimes, it’s vital and important. “The Dimebag” places all or most of your valuables right at your fingertips and can eliminate some clutter from your golf bag. Are you looking for easy access to your phone for a shot of an alligator or Roseate Spoonbill during your vacation round? The “Dime Bag” comes in handy. Moreover, it’s a great place for your wallet, band-aids, divot tools, or more important things like Nitro-Spray or glucose tablets (the latter two apply to me). It’s 6″x 8″ size is big enough to hold a few things ,but isn’t too big that it makes it too bulky. It hangs from your golf bag by way of its convenient clip. The coated polyester used for it’s construction seems rugged but more time will tell. A mesh pocket sits on the outside of the pouch along with two additional mesh pockets on the inside. There is an additional zippered pocket on the reverse side of the pouch. Speaking of the zippers, they seem to be well-constructed. The branding on the back is subtle.

High functionality and practicality makes for high marks for “The Dime Bag” Golf Valuables Pouch.

Sunday Golf Towels – With no less than 12 options to choose from, there’s a strong likelihood that Sunday Golf has a towel for you. These towels range from showing your patriotism with the “Domingo” or “Stars and Striped” variations to showing your state pride with “Bear Republic” or the “Texas Wedge”. For testing I received two, “Miami Vice” and “The Perfect Swing”.

“Miami Vice” offers a fresh SoBe vibe with it’s varying pink and blue colours. This towel really stands out. Meanwhile, “The Perfect Swing” depicts the swing sequence of the legendary Ben Hogan. On the flip-side of these towels you’ll find the Sunday Golf script. The towel is quite liberal in size (14″ x 40″) and is made from 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. This waffle towel is highly absorbent while the designs are sublimated into the fabric. Because of the late-fall temperatures I cannot comment on the duration of how long the towels will stay wet for.

These waffle towels do not feature a carabiner for attaching the towel to the bag. Instead, there’s a slit that goes down the center of the towel. Because of the slit, the towel just slips over the head of your clubs so you can hang it over your bag or clubs. While I like this feature, my towel decided to go “MIA” twice. Unknowingly, it fell off to be recovered later. Losing your towel stinks during winter golf. My recommendation would be to make the slit a little smaller moving forward.

The Sunday Golf Towels are a fantastic addition to any golf bag.

Loma Sunday Bag – Until receiving this testing opportunity from Sunday Golf, I’ve never experienced using a “Sunday Bag”. For those that aren’t aware, a Sunday Bag is a smaller golf bag that contains a partial set. So, instead of 14-clubs it might be 6. If you think about your typical rounds of golf, how many clubs do you play? Do you find that you seem to put the same clubs into play over and over again? If so, a Sunday Bag might be right up your alley.

The Loma Bag is a stand-bag that’s very much a minimalist design. It fits 7 clubs comfortably, although, grip size may be a factor in how many you can get away with. Loma is lightweight at approximately 2 lbs. Other features and accouterments of the “Loma” include a velcro strip for your golf glove, an insulated pocket to keep your beverages frosty, a full-length strap, a velour-lined pocket, a dedicated tee holder that holds 6 golf tees, an ergonomic handle that’s easy to grab, and their built-in “DuraFlex” stand legs. The number of color options is plentiful to say the least. Ranging from Matte Black to Flamingo and even two types of camo.

What can I say? I’m addicted to carrying a Sunday Bag, and in saying so, the Loma. I love how lightweight and mobile you can be while carrying it. I could easily load this set-up into my golf travel bag and take it onto the plane where I’d save on weight for coming home (the baggage handlers would love me). This golf bag and the partial set that it holds is perfect for walking a quick 9 or 18 or for the range. For some of us, it’s indoor season now. Instead of taking all 14 clubs into a dome, why not a partial set in a Sunday bag? Moreover, I’ve found that carrying this bag on my shoulder over 9-holes on a wet golf course isn’t as physically as pushing a cart. Carrying this bag is also easy on the back. I’ve really enjoyed my rounds carrying the Loma. There’s a better-than average chance that moving forward, I bring the Loma Sunday Golf Bag for any trips.

The Finish

Sunday Golf has a lot to offer golfers. Sunday Golf allows golfers to express themselves by having several options of golf bags, towels, and other accessories that make the game fun. The designs are cool and retro. Thus far, I can say that all of the products offered from Sunday Golf seem to be quality ,but, there’s still a question regarding a couple of things. Durability in particular.

The products offered come in at an extremely fair price point. In short, I recommend Sunday Golf. Sunday Golf is #foretheweekend and beyond.

For more information on Sunday Golf, please click here.

Until The Next Tee!

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