“Gift Ideas For Every Budget”

Ho! Ho! Ho! With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror and the Black Friday chaos cleared we can really set our cross-hairs on the the holiday season.

Every year, I try to compile a list of terrific gift ideas for a variety of budgets. Golf gifts need not be super-expensive because sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that make us happy. Let’s face it, not everyone has a lot of money (the writer included). With so many people struggling to make ends meet, living paycheque to paycheque if they can stretch it that far an extravagant gift like an Finn Scooter is certainly out of the question.

When recommending gifts, I really try to place an emphasis on practicality. At no time will I make a suggestion without having used a products myself. So, without further delay it’s time to get your bells ‘a’ jingling, your halls decked, and queue the music to get the sugar plum fairies dancing because it’s time for me to announce my suggestions for golf gifts of all budgets. Prices will be reflected in Canadian dollars (CAD) when possible. Remember, exchange rates fluctuate.

PitchFix AquaBrush – This gift is perfect for the golfer on your list for one big reason. The AquaBrush is a small, compact cleaning tool to keep your golf clubs clean. In particular, your grooves. The brushes are durable and the built-in reservoir allows for a small amount of water to be placed into it. On the top is button that, when pushed, sprays the water. What if the brushes get worn down? No worries because there are replaceable heads. $19.99 CAD

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Clean Flight Golf – Now here’s a product that I tried very late in the season. As a matter of fact the review is just getting written. Invented by a Canadian, Clean Flight Golf is a personal golf ball washer that performs just like the types that you see on the golf course. The difference is that it can attach right to your golf bag or golf cart. Have you licked your thumb and then wiped off your ball? Then licked the same thumb on the next hole? Mmmmm, fertilizer and pesticide. Or on your way to the next tee, did you forget to stop at the ball washer? No problem! Not with CleanFlight. A container that holds a specially-designed brush allows you to keep your golf balls clean. Handy for those really early spring or late fall rounds when the ball washers have vanished from the golf course. $35.00 CAD

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TowelTag – Pardon me while I do a little more flag-wa… No towel waving for a second. Proudly based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada is Towel Tag. A solution to losing golf towels. At one point or another, many of us have lost a towel. A towel, make that a good golf towel, is such an underrated accessory. Especially when it comes to early spring or winter golf. Towel Tag “utilizes “Pull-Thru Technology” to create an entirely new generation of functional bag tags”. Towel Tag can hold your golf towel or layers of clothing that you shed during your round. Think, rain gear. Oh yeah! What’s more is that personalization with no minimums is available. Maybe it’s your Black Lab, Labradoodle, Brook Trout or your own logo. Either way, it can be done. Prices vary. (Approximately $50 CAD)

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Golfer’s CBD – This next idea is for the golfer that may need a little bit of help prior to or after their round of golf. CBD comes in many forms and new users may have reservations using it because of the unknown. It’s totally legal. If the golfer on your list suffers from pain, there’s a good chance that they may benefit from CBD. It might actually calm them down as well if they get nervous or anxious. There are all kinds of CBD products from a cornucopia of brands. Golfer’s CBD comes to us from the UK (shipping might cost you) and it works. I trialed their gummies and there is no doubt that they took the “edge” off of my pain. No placebo effect as far as I’m concerned. The gummies from Golfer’s CBD is the best tasting product that I’ve had thus far. They have a couple of gift boxes available to make the selection easy. $65.99 USD or $85.00 CAD

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Sunday Golf – Do you play golf once every so often? Do you like to go out with your friends once in a while and tip a few “frosty’s”? No, not you “Frosty”. Chill. Well is there a brand for you. Serious golfers, they like you too. Sunday Golf is #foretheweekend and more. This brand offers a variety of golf accessories for… you. Yes, you’ve been good all year and deserve a treat. From a bag of tees (Lucky Bamboo), a cool rope hat, an valuables pouch (The Dimebag), golf towels, and more. I bet there’s something there that you’d like. Their Loma Sunday Bag is perfect for indoor sessions and rounds of golf where you don’t want to carry a full set. Sunday Golf is offering an amazing Christmas Bundle. Purchase a Loma Bag ($119 USD or $150 CAD) and receive a free towel and hat.

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Edison Golf – Give the gift of a better short game with Forged Wedges from Edison Golf. They look different than the wedge that you have in your golf bag. Many of us don’t play blades in irons, so, why are our wedges blade-style? While these wedges aren’t funky looking they lack the flange that you typically see on a wedge. Why? Because weight that would be placed where the flange is, has been moved towards the top of the face. This results in forgiveness. Have you hit a wedge that was struck towards the top of the face and it didn’t travel as far? That’s the reason, there wasn’t enough mass in the top part of the head. Edison Golf changes that. Not to mention there’s plenty of spin with these sticks. Currently, there is a 10% discount on all wedges. $179.99 USD or $230 CAD

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TaylorMade Golf Milled Grind 3 Wedges – Well, this is awkward. Different strokes for different folks right? I mean, if we all agreed on everything, it’d make for a boring world wouldn’t it. If you’re apprehensive about the wedges above then look no further. The Milled Grind 3 wedges are spin monsters. I’ve been testing (yep, that review is due any time too) the 60* wedge. This wedge has definitely allowed me to save strokes around the greens. Available in a RAW Chrome (the face is raw meaning that it will rust over time) or RAW Black finish. These wedges are en fuego. $179.99 USD or $239.99 CAD

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Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max Rangefinder – Never let your golfer lack the knowledge of how far away a green is, that tree in the middle of the fairway, or how far it is to carry the water. The Series 3 Max Rangefinder from Blue Tees Golf is packed with features like a slope switch that enables you to take advantage of its “Advanced Slope Technology”, advanced flag lock which is great for those with shaky hands, pulse vibration, and more. The optics are clear and vivid while relaying information fast. It’s compact, rubberized, ergonomic body fits nicely in the hands. The Series 3 Max Rangefinder is available in matte black, navy blue, and most recently pink. Blue Tees is offering a sale ($120 off) currently to ease your financial burden. $239 USD or $304 CAD

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Rapsodo Golf MLM – Rounding out the list is yet another product that hasn’t had its review posted. The MLM (Mobile Launch Monitor) from Rapsodo allows the golfer to practice with a purpose. Granted, that’s how it always should be. The MLM is a personal launch monitor featuring Doppler radar and a terrific app. Rapsodo is always updating their software to fix bugs etc so they’re always working hard. For the longest time there was no indoor or net capabilities, which is no longer the case. This means that you can practice anywhere as long as you have the room. With the MLM you can see valuable swing metrics such as Clubhead Speed, Smash Factor, Distance, Launch Angle and more. Premium features are available and with it you get Rapsodo Insights where you can “visualize your game like never before”.

There is one knock. As it stands, the Rapsodo MLM is only for iOS devices. If you have an Android, the MLM is not for you or the recipient of the gift. Usually, the MLM retails for $499.99 USD but it is available now for $100 USD off. $399.99 USD or $509.99 CAD

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Happy Holidays from Alex at Until The Next Tee.

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