Recently, I made a wonderful connection during a round of golf. His name is Claudio DeMarchi and he is the owner and founder of A company that has been “marketing to golfers and the golf industry for over 30 years”. Their experience includes “destination marketing, owning, managing and/or participating in more than 170 golf and travel shows, golf and travel writing, magazine and trade publication, direct marketing and e-commerce”.

Recently, Claudio and I aligned ourselves and over the course of a weekend he detailed a recent trip of his to the Czech Republic to experience wine, beer, and of course multiple world class golf opportunities for those willing to travel abroad. Claudio’s recounting of his trip made my imagination run wild as I viewed pictures of stunning vistas, “Old Country” architecture, the “World’s Largest Wine Barrel”, and picturesque golf courses. While some of the golf courses were resort courses, I was also shown municipal golf courses as well. Gorgeous!

But, don’t let me tell you about what I learned and saw. How about if we let Claudio himself transform you and take you to another place. Another world. Please hit the link below to learn more on travel and golf opportunities in the Czech Republic. Děkuji

Until The Next Tee!

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