“Out of Necessity Comes Invention”

What a crazy world we live in. Especially, over the last nearly two years. The impact of COVID-19 has been felt worldwide in every facet of life, and to say so, is quite the understatement. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from or what industry sector that you’re employed in, everything was effected.

The golf industry was impacted on so many levels. Massive changes to the way that golfers had to conduct themselves on the course, no socializing afterward, and pins had to stay in, although the rule change in the Rules of Golf a year earlier cushioned that blow.

From a golf operations standpoint, things got just a little more convoluted. Or difficult. Carts were always having to be sanitized, checking in golfers was almost foreign, and out of a long list of protocols that had to be followed in order for courses to be allowed to be open, no ball washers could be out on the golf course.

So, golfers had to make a choice. Bring their own water/water bottle and use their towel. Although a puddle or a pond would suffice. There was also the option of licking your thumb and wiping the ball with said thumb. Although, is saliva a good idea during a pandemic? There had to be a solution… And there was.

Peter Bohlender is the inventor and founder of Clean Flight Golf. Clean Flight Golf is a solution to not only a lack of ball washers precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic ,but, it also solves the issue of rounds of golf played during the “shoulder season” (early-Spring, late-Fall, and Winter golf) when rarely are ball washers available. Of course, this depends on your geographic location.

The Clean Flight Golf Personal Golf Ball Washer Made is manufactured from high impact polystyrene and stainless-steel hardware designed for strength and durability. “Inside is a patent pending variable brush system which allows the ball to oscillate for a more thorough cleaning. Included in the package is one golf ball washer, strap with carabiner and a 30ml bottle of cleaning solution”.  

In the video below, I conduct my unboxing of the Clean Flight Golf Ball Washer. Stay tuned right here at Until The Next Tee for more content. The review will not be far behind. Clean Flight retails for $35.00 CAD.

Until The Next Tee!!

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