“Happy Holidays From Medi8 Golf”

Ho-Ho-Holy Smokes. American Thanksgiving has just passed, and with Black Friday today, it’s safe to say that the Holiday Season has begun. For my American readers, I hope that you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and if all went well, your turkey-induced coma didn’t cause you to miss any great golf deals.

In case you did, Medi8 Golf (a golf public relations firm) has listed a few products for me to share with everyone. Every one of them are a terrific gift ideas for many golfers and one of them will be appearing on my personal gift guide, that I will be publishing soon.

So buckle up, grab a coffee, maybe sip on some egg nog and here are some suggestions from my friends at Medi8 Golf.

Until The Next Tee!!

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Push carts will be top of many golfers’ Christmas lists as the trend for walking the course continues to grow. And if you’re going to wish for a push cart, where better to start than Europe’s #1 brand BIG MAX? The Blade IP is their flagship model, setting the bar for storage with an ultra-flat design that leaves it less than 5” deep when folded. Combined with robust construction, a host of practical features, stylish looks and a 5 year manufacturers warranty, the BLADE IP is the perfect gift for a golfer that is short on space and wants their gear to travel in style. MSRP: $349.99

Home – BIG MAX USA (bigmaxgolf.com)

BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Tour

With distinct European styling and an innovative Hybrid design that sits perfectly square on a push cart, but is also an ultra lightweight carry, the Dri Lite Hybrid Tour is the perfect bag for golfers who want to walk, push or ride. Water resistant technology plus a host of neat practical features make this stylish golf bag a winner for function as well as its drop dead good looks. MSRP: $259.99

Home – BIG MAX USA (bigmaxgolf.com)

ZOOM Focus X Laser Rangefinder

The ZOOM FOCUS X offers all the premium features that you expect from the best Laser Rangefinders, at an unbeatable price for the performance. FOCUS X delivers a crystal-clear view combined with quick target acquisition, pin-point accuracy, 6 times magnification, vibration feedback and Slope mode to deliver the essential information in the most simple way. Add in a handy usb recharger for the battery and the ZOOM FOCUS X is the perfect allrounder for golfers who want the best at a very fair price. MSRP: $229

Home – ZOOMGolf US

CleanFlight Golf Personal Ball Washer

Whether you want a perfectly clean ball for improved performance, a convenient solution to mud balls on the fairway and green, or a hygienic alternative to sharing communal washers, the CleanFlight personal ball washer is a fantastic option for any golfer. Clips to your bag, simple to use and delivers perfectly clean balls every time; this is the perfect Christmas gift for any golfer who loves a very useful gadget. MSRP: $34.99