Protect Yourself”

The Set-Up

1 in 5. That’s how many Americans will get skin cancer by the time they reach the age of 70. A little closer to home in Canada, the number is a little more alarming as 1 in 4 Canadians will fall victim to this insidious disease.

It wasn’t until I received the opportunity to test and review apparel from BloqUV that I became just a little bit educated to the alarming rate of those scary numbers involving skin cancer. Prior to my interview with Corine Biton – President of BloqUV I’m both reluctant and embarrassed to admit that when it comes to cancer, or in this case skin cancer, that I know very little.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, BloqUV designs and creates apparel for those that like to be on-the-go taking part in outdoor activities while offering protection from the sun. The birth of BloqUV began shortly after Ms. Biton noticed that she was developing spots on her arms while engaging in outdoor activities like paddle-boarding and jogging. While visiting her dermatologist, Ms. Biton learned that regular cotton t-shirts only block about 5% of the rays that lead to the development of Melanoma/Skin Cancer. |So, the quest to find a solution commenced.

Now, 10 years later, BloqUV is going strong thanks in part to their fabric known as “BloqTek”. BloqTek is the proprietary fabric of BloqUV. BloqTek blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays and has a minimum protection of UPF 50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). The protection offered is not only chemical-free, but it’s also inherent to the fabric and will not “washout” from laundering.

BloqUV has emerged as an industry leader in this facet of the apparel industry. BloqUV features apparel and accessories for men, women, and children (including toddler’s) ranging from sizes 2T to size 14. If you’re an individual that likes to golf, play tennis, spend time on the boat, hike, jog, walk, or go fishing, there’s a great chance that BloqUV offers something just for you. It could be anything from face masks, bandanas, blanket wraps, long-sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve polo shirts, to mock zip tops, dresses, joggers, and much more

The complete range features quick drying, antimicrobial fabrics that also feature moisture-wicking characteristics. The colour options are too numerous to list but please know that their colours range from neutral shades like Smoke, White and black to vivid tropical hues like Tangerine, Ocean Blue, and Caribbean Blue to name a few.

The Transition

I have to extend many thanks to Corine Biton for the education regarding Melanoma/Skin Cancer and the opportunity to test and review apparel from BloqUV. For the purposes of the testing, I was sent one of their “Men’s Collared UPF 50+ shirts”.

Upon opening the package that I received, I removed the contents that featured one of their catalogues that I leafed through. Immediately, I was impressed by the styles, sizing, and the colours offered by the brand. Also inside was the shirt itself. The colour of the shirt that was sent to me was what they refer to as “Ocean Blue”.The shade of blue stands out and is quite mesmerizing. Blue is my colour, and this particular shade of blue is the nicest shade of blue that, to date, I’ve seen and worn. There’s a real “South Beach”, tropical, and coastal feel to it.

Speaking of feel. The “hand” of the fabric is excellent as it is very soft as I learned as soon as I removed the piece from the cellophane. The quality of the stitching is excellent and the seams are flat which is by design. Flat seams help to make the shirt as comfortable as possible. The “Collared Shirt” also features a 4-button placket and a structured collar that keeps the shirt looking “tidy” and “fresh”during your round of golf, afterward in the “19th Hole” as you sip an ice-cold “Arnold Palmer”, or while you’re out on the boat fishing your day away on Lake Ontario trolling for salmon. Yes, I wore it while I was fishing as well for the testing process.

Examining the shirt a little bit more, I noticed on the back of the shirt the BloqUV logo. It’s placed in such a way that you can wear this shirt tucked in or if you’re feeling a little more casual you can wear it untucked. Either way, dressed up or down this is a very handsome-looking shirt.

As you’re reading this, you might be wondering how the heck can you test this fabric and know for sure whether it protects you or not. The answer really, is quite simple. When testing began it was early spring and our spring from a weather standpoint wasn’t great. Not to mention other factors (*ahem* – lockdown). But, I would wear the BloqUV offering every so often. It doesn’t take a lot of sun to start showing the effects. Much has changed in the world over the last couple of decades and the potency of the sun is one of them. As a token “Sun Worshipper” I can tell you that I never used to burn. I do now . Maybe, it’s my advanced years? It seems like we now have two seasons where I live, and those seasons are hot and cold. The cold gave way to sudden 80*F (27*C) weather and soon we were baking like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. So, the sweaters were stored away and out came short sleeves, tanks, and of course my BloqUV polo.

Out of the gate, I wore the BloqUV. It is my opinion, and I do feel safe in suggesting that the fabric of BloqUV kept me protected. Conversely, when I wore a short sleeve or a tank I definitely had more “colour” after being outside, which I feel gives credibility to the claims of BloqUV and more precisely the “BloqTek” technology. This is clothing that will protect you from those pesky UV rays. As summer progressed, we were mired in oppressive heat and it didn’t matter if you were outside in the early morning, mid-day, or evening. Heck, even after nightfall was stifling. Time and time again the fabric proved to keep me protected from the sun, however, when I wore non-UPF protected attire my exposed skin or to a degree covered areas, showed signs of the sun damaging my skin. I too was warned about spots a few years ago. BloqTek works!

When it comes to sizing, I do recommend the use of their fitting guide. I opted to go with a large but toyed with a medium. I’m glad that I went with the large, but, I had my doubts that it would fit when I first opened the package. I thought to myself, “Shoot, that seems small” but I tried it on and noted that the shoulder seams lined up perfectly with my shoulders. The feel of the fabric (in the arms) is almost like a “compression feel”. But, does it cling? No, it definitely does not cling.

In the extreme heat of the summer, I wore the BloqUV during range sessions and rounds of golf alike. I was worried about feeling constricted during the action of the golf swing, but, those worries soon evaporated much like the perspiration from my body. Thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric. The fabric does not constrict or restrict and their 4-way stretch fabric shines. Typically, I hate playing golf while wearing long-sleeved attire and I mean hate. But, I didn’t feel that way at all, as a matter of fact, I didn’t even notice that the shirt was a long sleeved design. I already alluded to the “hand” of the fabric but I just want to re-iterate that this fabric feels so good. Soft and in my opinion, cooling. Nay, soothing.

Adding to the comfort are the flat seams that BloqUV employs.

The Finish

BloqUV is a product that not only does what it’s supposed to do, but, is also extremely comfortable apparel. I have no problem wearing this long-sleeved polo on the golf course. It’s a shirt that holds up well as there have been no signs of wear or seams letting go after many washings and/or times wearing it. As impressive as the BloqTek fabric is (and it truly is) I’m just as impressed with the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking qualities. This particular piece felt great, performed great, and I highly recommend BloqUV. BloqUV is well worth the investment toward your health.

From the incredible array of colours and styles to the wearability on or off-course, it’s very easy to understand why BloqUV has emerged as an industry leader.

Of note, BloqUV provides a wealth of information regarding Melanoma and Skin Cancer. Please click here for a direct link to some important information. Also of interest is their “BloqIt With BloqUV” campaign every May. In this campaign BloqUV and their retailers team up for “Melanoma Awareness” to educate the public and their customers about the damaging effects of the sun.

To learn more about BloqUV and to see everything that they offer please click here.

The author feeling cool and composed in BloqUV on a stifling day on the golf course.

Until The Next Tee!

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