Srixon Golf might be one of the major golf manufacturers that could be construed as somewhat underrated. Unless you’re a knowledgeable golfer with all of the golf equipment resources out there, Srixon golf balls may not be the first golf ball that you think to try. Sure, you see them on the shelves in your local shop, but, instead of trying them you pass them by for a box of “Pro V’s” or something instead. Oh, how market share and tour exposure sells golf balls.

The Q Star Tour is no newcomer to the golf ball market, as it is a golf ball that has been around for a few generations now. The Q Star Tour is a multi-layer golf ball that I’ve tested and reviewed in the past and it is a golf ball that I would not hesitate to put into competitive play. The Q Star Tour features several of the same features as Srixon’s tour-level golf ball (Z Star and Z Star XV) but is ultimately for those golfers that want a softer feeling pro-level golf ball. It’s price point is in that mid-high price point. Each dozen costs $44.99 CAD or $32.99 USD.

The Q Star Tour DIVIDE is the same golf ball but with a different “spin” if you will. This is a golf ball that allows you to see how your golf ball spins and makes the lining up of putts seem pretty… seamless. While the “standard version” of the Q Star Tour features a urethane cover featuring it’s patented “SpinSkin” technology which provides extra friction culminating in more spin. DIVIDE features a 50/50 matte thermoplastic urethane cover that has not been painted (in a similar manner that we’ve seen with Wilson’s Staff Model golf balls). The cover however, is manufactured with bright pigments that according to Srixon Golf will not scratch or tear.

The blue and yellow Q Star DIVIDE. Highly visible.

In the video below, I offer my first thoughts on the Q Star Tour DIVIDE from Srixon Golf. Stay tuned for more information on my testing of the Q Star Tour DIVIDE. There’s more work to be done with a focus on comparing the DIVIDE to the “conventional Q Star Tour”. The video highlights my concerns.

The conditions were windy on the date that I played and tested them. I apologize for any wind that made listening tough.

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