Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to take a listen of my golf podcast. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I must say that it’s been a lot of fun.

Photo Credit: LPGA

This past weekend was newsworthy. A young lady has returned to form on the LPGA much in a way that we’ve seen with Jordan Spieth. A 47 year old captures his second victory of the season equalling only Bryson DeChambeau this season on the PGA TOUR. As impressive as it is, what’s more impressive. Two victories at age 47 or the tan line on his head? Hey, speaking of the PGA TOUR how about them introducing the “Player Impact Pool” and it’s associated $40 million prize pool?

Photo Credit: PGA TOUR

Last but not least. The only place in North America where golf isn’t allowed to be played right now, due to increased COVID-19 infections. Last year, I understood. It was an unknown with no answer or vaccination near completion. Protocols were put in place which were followed by golfers except for a few “meatheads”. It was proven that golf can be played safely with the right measures in place.

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