One of the most interesting chats that I had in January during the PGA Show Virtual Experience was one that I has with Corina Biton. Ms. Biton is the Founder and President of the North Miami Beach based lifestyle brand, Bloq UV. An apparel brand that’s dedicated to helping people avoid the nasty effects of excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. In that conversation, I learned some alarming statistics One of those statistics was that1 in 5 Americans get skin cancer.

In saying that, this brand doesn’t cater strictly to golfers. Whether you love hiking, paddling a kayak, boating, fishing, or just spending lots of time out of doors, Bloq UV has you covered. In both the literal and figurative sense. Their apparel is thought out real well and is quite different from other apparel brands sun protection in the industry. It’s not just about attention to detail, but it’s the manner (or tech) that they use for making their apparel. Their material called “BloqTek” blocks 98% of the sun’s rays thanks in part to the UPF 50 rating attached to the technology. Moreover, the protectant doesn’t wash out.

The fashions include both a men’s and ladies line as well as clothing for children and accessories like face masks and sun sleeves. Bloq UV features “core” colours (Indigo, Navy, White, and Black) and “fashion” colours (Tickle Me Pink, Tangerine, Passion Pink, and so many more). These colours are bold and truly offer a real “South Beach” vibe. Yes, I can envision myself fly fishing for countless hours down in Florida or the likes of somewhere in the Caribbean or Cabo. Or spending days fishing on Lake Ontario in the boat.

I’d like to extend many thanks to Ms. Biton for sending me a sample piece of Bloq UV for the purposes of testing and review. For testing, I received a long sleeve golf polo in their “Ocean Blue” colour way. I opted to go with Large and I can tell you that the large is for a 40″ chest and a 34″ waist (mine’s a 33″). By the way, the fit is perfect.

Please stay tuned to Until The Next Tee and my social media channels for more information and testing updates of Bloq UV now that the testing has commenced. In the meantime, please have a look at the accompanying unboxing video. In this video I talk about the “hand” (feel) and talk a little bit more about some of the features.

Please visit Bloq UV to learn more about the brand and what they have to offer. While you’re at it, get in the know about Melanoma and Skin Cancer by hitting this link. Also of note, Bloq UV runs an initiative in May called “Melanoma May”. Stay tuned for more details.

Until The Next Tee!!

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