There is no doubt that when it comes to professional golf, there’s a bit of an “Arm’s Race”. For this, we have many thanks to give to Bryson DeChambeau. Bryson, the intelligent, savvy golfer that he is has combined mathematics, science, and a vaunted physical fitness regimen to be the longest hitter on the PGA TOUR. For proof, look no further than his drive during the third round of the 2021 Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in. He drove the golf ball and carried some 370 yards. Rory McIlroy’s 360 yard effort was impressive too.

Bombers on TOUR aren’t just about one or two guys like it was back when John Daly was pulverizing drives. Or, more recently when everyone was in awe of Bubba Watson every time he cranked up the “watts”.. The list is long now with names like Matthew Wolff, Cameron Champ, and Dustin Johnson to name a few. Meanwhile, across the pond you have the European Tour’s Wilco Nienaber of South Africa. who quietly averages 341 yards off of the tee.

South Africa’s Wilco Nienaber (Photo Credit: Sky Sports)

If there’s one thing that the “arm’s race” has done it’s that it’s motivated or inspired golfers of all levels to try to find more speed. With more speed comes more distance and which golfer amongst us, wants to hit it shorter? Certainly not I, as I approach my 50th birthday in less than a year. If only there was more way to reach my potential. Develop more speed if you will.

Well, the good news is that there is. There are a few golf training tools out there dedicated to helping golfers achieve more speed, via overload or overspeed training While I won’t list any names, I want to talk about a newer product to the market.

RYP Golf wants you wants you to “Reach Your Potential”. Get faster and hit the golf ball longer with Rypstick. Based in Minnesota, Rypstick is from the mind of Dr. Luke Benoit Ph.D who is the Founder of Ryp Golf. I had the pleasure of talking with Vice-President Scott Macdonald (Director of Speed) during the 2021 PGA Show Virtual Experience. I learned a great deal about what Rypstick is all about. To say that it’s intriguing is a little understated. This is a product that some golfers might contend that its been done before.

Sure, the “end game” is the same. Develop more clubhead speed and hit that little dimpled beast further. But, instead of carrying an additional 3 sticks in your already crammed golf bag, there’s just one stick. Just from a convenience standpoint, I like this design already compared to the other option. I used to take my three sticks into the gym to make swings, but frankly, it was a pain in the posterior.

To achieve weights from light to heavy there are removable weights, in total there are actually 8 weight combinations that you can create to train with. Overall, the weight can range from 270 grams all the way to 420 grams. Not to mention a free swing analysis and fitness assessment with purchase (I misspoke in the accompanying video saying that it was a trainer for a month). They also come in five different lengths, shorter ones will be lighter. By visiting their website, you’ll find a “Fitness Hub” and “Golf Swing” tab to help you along the way that provides plenty of information, workouts, and training videos.

Since their inception in 2020, Rypstick has managed to add “30+ PGA Tour Players, 150+ Top Teachers, and over half of the top World Long Drive Athletes”.

I admit it, I’ve lost clubhead over the last few years but my stroke in 2018 was a major contributor of my loss of speed. Whether I can get back to my former self or not, remains to be seen (I topped out at 113 mph and cruised at 107 mph). But, I’m looking forward to getting down and dirty with the Rypstick. Let’s see where this new journey takes me. Will I get faster? “I have the need… the need for speed!”

Stay tuned to Until The Next Tee for more coverage and information on Rypstick. Also, look for an upcoming episode of my TeeBox Chatter golf podcast where I will be having a chat with the minds behind Rypstick. I hope that you enjoy the unboxing video.

Until The Next Tee!!