HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – February 12, 2021 – Golfers who enjoy straight putting will be excited to try Frontline from Cleveland Golf. Weights in the face have been shifted forward resulting in straighter putts, even when the sweet spot is missed. These golfers also enjoy better aim, more consistent distance, and a superior fit.

With an expanded lineup of designs and models to choose from, Frontline delivers a putter to fit any putting stroke and any player preference.

“Cleveland Frontline putters have changed how we think about weighting in putters,” said Dustin Brekke, Director of Engineering at Cleveland Golf. “Having weight as close to the face surface as possible while maximizing MOI provides the straightest putts on miss-hits ever measured. Frontline technology has eliminated the miss-hits. No matter where you hit on the insert, the ball will go straight and the same distance. This line-up, with additional models and builds, provides all options for players to uniquely align at impact. Delivering the face on the target line, while making the sweet spot ridiculously large, means more made putts.”

Frontline putters are made to fit any stroke. From single bend to slant necks and everything in between, there’s a Frontline model to fit every golfer’s game. 

Retail Information and Pricing

Pricing: $199.99

Additional Models: Frontline 2.0 Flow Neck, Frontline 8.0 Slant Neck/Single Bend, Frontline 10.5 Slant Neck/Single Bend, Frontline Elevado Plumber’s Neck

U.S. Retail Launch Date: February 12, 2021