Well, the final day of the 2021 PGA Merchandise Show is in the books.

Typically, my final day of the show when we’re in-person is usually very quiet. I might have one scheduled meeting and the rest of the day is all about “running and gunning” seeing as many exhibitors as possible in an impromptu form. 2021 was no different.

I only had a few meetings on Friday and took in a couple of sessions as well. The latter is something that I’ve never done until this year. As far as meetings go, I took in the end part of a session with the Founder/President of World Ranked Golfers with a Disability Adaptive Golfers Gianna Rojas. Even virtually, Ms. Rojas strikes me as such an engaging person. I was captivated by listening to her speak.

Other sessions that I took part in were the “Mid-Day Stretch” put on by TPI and I watched a session from Golf Ireland. As if I need more prompting to get over to Ireland.

Skin care is so important to all of us. Whether you’re a golfer or not. With this in mind, I had a meeting with the President of BloqUV, Corina Biton. We had a very nice chance and I learned about an initiative that occurs in May. “Melanoma May”. Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans dies from Skin Cancer annually? Alarming.

I spoke with James Lin of Altaz Inc, and they are going to be producing a rangefinder that’s just a hair different than what is currently out there in the marketplace.

RypStyck wants you to “Reach Your Potential” by gaining more speed with their speed swing trainer. You may think it’s the same as other product(s) out there, but I assure you that it’s different. Speaking of training aids, keep an eye on this space for more information on the brainchild of David Bareno. The training aid is called “Scratch Stick” and it truly wears several hats.

Lastly, I had a nice chat with Rob Lang of Indi Golf. New wedges are coming from this brand, a brand that I’ve been watching since 2017-18. In the words of Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld. Remember him? In the lawsuit against the tobacco company he clearly says to Kramer, “your face is my case”. Well, the face of their new wedges could be defined as exquisite. The entire face has CNC milling over the entire face so even a shot off of the toe will produce spin.

Until The Next Tee!!