I am so sorry. My plan was to put this all together last night. But, in typical PGA Show week, I ate dinner and fell asleep. Hmm, in a lot of ways this has been like the usual PGA Show for me.

So, yesterday I had a number of meetings and it was a real mixed bag of products. I had the opportunity to meet with Callaway Golf (Tyler Shean) and Cobra Golf (Tom Olsavsky). Their products are on fire and I cannot wait until I get the chance to make swings with them. I met with Skechers Golf (Taylor Cooney) talked me through their range and they have some dynamite products coming out. Jen Saxton from ShotScope Golf talked me through their ShotScope V3 wearable technology and they have made major upgrades from the V2 which I tested and reviewed. Gary Austin from Playmakar, a brand of recovery products like percussion massagers and much more.

I also had a telephone conversation with Douglas Herman of EndSwate. A training aid that is so obvious that it hurts and a phone call with Holly Geoghegan from The Golf Insiders. We recorded an episode for her podcast. Poor Holly!

It reall was a full day. Later on today (Friday) the show reaches its conclusion.

Until The Next Tee!!



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