Yes, there are a million sources for golf tips at your fingertips. While that may be the case, Until The Next Tee can be your “one stop shop” for everything golf-related. My opinions are genuine and I am who I am on camera. Nothing is ever scripted.

The editorials have been there and so to were the equipment reviews. Golf course reviews have been a recent addition too. So, what might have been lacking? A podcast? Well, “TeeBox Chatter” is on the horizon and promises to be a laid back affair. So, the lacking ingredient would be golf tips.

Why am I smiling? My striking is good and things are happening here at Until The Next Tee.

“Next Tee Tips” will cover everything from my “Fundamental Four” (watch the first tip installment below to find out what they are) to things for the more advanced golfer. While some of it will be swing instruction there will also be an additional wrinkle or two for good measure. The mental side of things will be covered as well as equipment advice.

Do you need someone to help push you along with any golf goals? Well, after #Golfchat the other night (it takes place on Twitter) I threw my hat into the ring offering to help any of the #golfchatters out there. I’m more than happy to give you insight or help you push towards your goals.

In the first instalment of tip videos (and the majority of tips will be video in nature) I cover a topic called “Thaw the Freeze”. If you freeze at address prior to your swing, this tip might be for you.

You may hear a whine at the end of the video. That’s my pup wanting to continue our walk. He’s a big baby!

Until The Next Tee!!