2021 has been ushered in.

After near misses getting my first strikes in for the New Year, it finally happened. I had hoped to play at least 9 holes somewhere, but it wasn’t meant to be. We’ve had snow, we’ve had sleet, and we’ve had freezing rain. I apologize for sounding like an ad campaign for letter carriers around the world.

The weather here, in a way has been a tease because, the snow has been so close to disappearing until the next belt of wintry weather. With the disappearing snow it means that the opportunity arises to play golf at one of two golf courses in the area which remain open all-year round. (St. Davids Golf Course and Queenston Golf Course).

Queenston and St. Davids Golf Club’s respectively. Sister courses in Niagara. So close yet so far away. (Photo Credit: St. Davids Golf Club)

Being located right at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment, the remaining snow and ice has clung onto the greens and fairways like a lion guarding its prey. It’s just sitting so stagnant out there.

However, a little more in the city much of the snow has cleared. So, I took my pup out for a walk to check the course conditions of the golf course down the street. Just in case I happened to stumble upon some green, I had my now customary one wedge and one golf ball in tow. Lo and behold the course, in its off-season slumber, was green. Nary a patch of snow.

So, I hit a few pitches and then a few full swings. Nothing but baby draws, baby! It felt great and my ball-striking was really solid. I’m totally in synch. So, making my first strikes of the year went off without a hitch. If only the open courses would clear up.

It’s always nice to have grass under your feet in January.

Earlier in the day, I also spoke over the phone with Terry Koehler. Mr. Koehler is a brilliant mind and has been in the golf equipment industry for a few decades. If you’re familiar with the name, Mr. Koehler has been involved with golf equipment companies such as Reid Lockhart, Eidolon, Scor, and most recently Ben Hogan Golf. His creations of the Ft. Worth 15 irons and TK15 wedges are still etched into my memory, while I also distinctly recollect swinging the wedges from Scor Golf as well.

Moving forward to the present, Mr. Koehler is the “Director of Innovation” at Edison Golf. A golf equipment company that focuses on wedges and helping recreational golfers improve and shoot lower scores. How? With better short games through the advent of innovative golf club design. I had the opportunity and absolute pleasure to speak with Mr. Koehler and the conversation resulted in the most enlightening and educational golf conversation that I’ve ever had.

Crafted from 1025 Carbon Steel. Edison Forged Wedges. (Photo Credit: Edison Golf)

With all of the advances in golf equipment technology, from drivers to irons and even putters, the one piece of equipment that has remained relatively the same has been wedges. Terry Koehler and Edison Golf are working to flip that notion onto its head. I won’t get into the technology that’s being incorporated into wedges from Edison Golf, but know this. All wedges are not created equally.

Look for more content covering Edison Golf in the near future. Stay tuned!

Until The Next Tee!!