As 2020 came to it’s conclusion, which was a breath of fresh air for most of us, it also signalled the best year that I’ve experienced as a golf writer/reporter/blogger.

Early on, I started as Alexander Toth Golf and that site gained traction. Then, one day I woke up and decided to re-brand. I figured that I couldn’t market my name. Even from a logo standpoint. So, Until The Next Tee was created just prior to the 2017 PGA Show. When I had arrived at that show, I didn’t even have new business cards yet. I went from 23,000 views as ATG in 2016 to around 8,000 views the first year as UTNT. My strategy might have failed.

I stayed the course and things slowly started to get better. In my second year as UTNT I started to reflect the same numbers that I left in the last year of ATG. Maybe the change was going to work out after all. 2019, came and passed and blew my previous views record out of the water. I ended 2019 with 68,000 views. It was a remarkable growth for me. My views had nearly tripled. I was ecstatic and pleased that so many people would read what I had to say.

But then 2020 happened. The start to the year was pretty anemic, but I was still really pleased with the traffic. I was averaging just over 5,000 per month. The pace was was going to equal 2019, and I was quite happy with it. I met with a member of a P.R. firm at the 2019 PGA Show and he stated that he was impressed with the 5,000 views per month, especially seeing that my views are all organic and that I don’t employ “click-bait”.

After writing an article at the end of May, my monthly views seemed to jump overnight. When the dust settled on 2020, I exceeded my totals from 2019. Over 129,000 views. I’m blown away and I am so thankful for everyone that read or listened to what I had to say this past year. Whether it was over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn or any other avenue, you took the time to visit. Thank you!!

I also owe many thanks to the public relations firms and golf manufacturers that took a chance on me. Through press releases or media samples to field test I was able to provide content and educate. There are so many people to thank and I apologize if I leave anyone out. Many thanks go out to Jon Claffey (Tour Edge), David Wheatley (Medi8 Golf), Tracy Nackel (TEN Marketing and PR), Vanessa Price (Read The Greens), Noelle Zavaleta (Cleveland, Srixon, XXIO), Jeff Hamilton (Wilson Golf Canada), Nick Obritsch (TaylorMade Golf Canada), Rachel Rees (Cobra Golf), Stuart Goldstein (RG Narrative), Jay Armour and Jason Hiland (Sub 70 Golf), Brittany Zoet and Brenna Byrne (Uproar PR) and so many others.

2021 will see a couple challenges for me. The first is that there’s no in-person attendance for the 2021 PGA Show, with an emphasis on no Demo Day. That’s where I generally experience the latest golf equipment and where my “First Impressions” reviews are generated from. So, there’s no PGA Show Demo Day Teezy Awards in 2021. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to either experience Demo Days in the area or get the chance from equipment manufacturers to demo their equipment for a week or two and then send them back to post reviews on new equipment, resulting in a year-end Teezy Awards. I do have a couple already lined up with TaylorMade Golf (Canada) sending me new golf balls in the spring, Tour Edge Golf will be sending some of their Hot Launch 521 equipment to test, and Wilson Golf (Canada) and I will be working together as well on some demo opportunities. With any luck, there will be others.

A 2020 review product. The EXS Pro hybrid from Tour Edge Golf. Support from the brand will continue in 2021.

To help with potential content look for a couple of news thing in 2021. Look for my foray into podcasting, I already has a couple of guests willing to come on. Look for more golf course reviews too. That is one aspect of things that I’ve lacked as far as reviews go. Occasional golf tips too. Why not?! When there’s a will, there’s a way.

I pride my brand on being humble, thankful, and genuine. Human, natural, and unscripted. This will never change. Thank you so much, and I would be honoured if you joined me in 2021.

Until The Next Tee!!