As of December 26th at 12:01 a.m. the province that I live in (Ontario, Canada) has entered into another lockdown. The reason? Because the number of COVID-19 cases has seen a dramatic surge, bogging down emergency departments and hospital wards alike. A necessary evil to stem this nasty critter as we wait for the vaccines to be distributed so we can hopefully eradicate this thing once and for all. Fear not, this is not a political post but just a lead in.

So, last night I posted on Twitter that were going to be locked down and I was asked by a friend out there (@wallajay) who happens to lead and moderate Golfchat (#GolfChat) how I was going to cope.

Well, this lockdown is a little bit different than the last time around. For example, outdoor activities are open right from the get-go this time. While tobogganing hills are open, ski areas are not. From a golf perspective The first glaring difference, even though it’s a small picture sort of thing, is that as it stands right now golf is nowhere to be seen on the immediate horizon. So, for those “jonesing” to get out and play right now. Well, we could but the amount of snow on the ground might have a lot to say about your prospects. A winter storm that I hoped would pass us over dumped a pleasant mix of ice and snow on us, and eliminated all hope for golf on Christmas and beyond through the holidays.

How about driving ranges? Well, the good news is that if you can find an outdoor range that’s open, you’re in luck. Because, outdoor ranges are open. However, if you wanted to take your practice to an indoor facility, you’re out of luck. Unless, you’re a professional or elite level athlete. What defines “elite” anyway?

Golf is allowed this time, but… (Photo of the first tee at Garden City Golf Course)

So, now I will circle back to the question. How will I cope and manage myself through the lockdown. Well, luckily I do have a couple of avenues. Now this of course pertains to golf.

  • As I sit and type this entry, this is the one method. I will continue to write and come up with ways to create content. From a website perspective, 2020 has been a roaring success for me. Admittedly, with no in-person attendance for the 2021 PGA Show, I will lose content. The hardest part will be having no Demo Day and no Teezy Awards. Which have been surprisingly popular.
  • Knowing that equipment reviews might be lean, I will start reaching out to manufacturers for media samples. While they won’t be Teezy Awards, I will be able to post reviews in 2021 hopefully. I already have TaylorMade Golf on board for golf balls, I am getting help from Wilson Golf, and Tour Edge Golf as well. Also, I might reach out to a couple of other sources (golf stores) to perhaps become “partners” and post their ad on my site. If and when the borders restrictions are alleviated, getting packages shipped to the United States will make it easier for manufacturers to provide samples. Theoretically speaking.
  • I have a Big Moss putting mat. I’ll be working to improve my putting stroke and overall results.
  • I now have no yard. Living in a small two bedroom apartment will pose an issue. But, I’m thinking of either getting my hands on a smaller 6’x6′ net and a small mat, or devise some sort of backdrop to hit into.
  • If I can get that accomplished, then I can test the indoor/net capabilities of the Rapsodo Golf MLM. A review that you’ll see in the New Year.
  • On Boxing Day last year we purchased a PS4. That helped get us through the lockdown in March. Well, it’s going to help me get through this one too. That purchase ended up being a good investment. Between Fortnite and PGA Tour 2K21 are going to be staples. I wish that Fortnite had a golfer skin.
  • I am going to try some Beta tests. Through Zoom etc I want to get on calls with other golfers, manufacturers, etc and try to run with a podcast-type thing this year. It will be called “TeeBox Chatter”. The plan is for it to be very informal. So, if you’re reading this and want to take part, please drop me a line through “Contact”. I can’t guarantee you superstardom.
  • I might even offer video lessons. Free of charge or maybe a donation if you feel like making one.

So, in a nutshell, I have a few things to keep me out of trouble during “Lockdown 2.0”. Oh, things that I will not do is watch golf YouTube videos of swings or read anything that involves instruction.

Until The Next Tee!!

#fightandgrind #seeuonthenexttee