Golf. What are your limitations? When it comes to thresholds, what are the coldest temperatures that you’ll play in. Or rain, when is the rain too much? Wind, do you shy away from a little breeze when it’s more than a 2-club wind? Are you a fair weather golfer? What does it take to keep you off of the golf course or driving range?

Like it or not, winter has arrived which means that for all intents and purposes, golf courses up here in Niagara, Ontario have closed with the exception of two that remain open for as long as possible. In fact, St Davids Golf Course and Queenston Golf Course respectively, never close at all unless their golf course is unplayable from snowfall. But, the first chance that some of the course is playable, they open.

To answer my own question from earlier, I’ve maintained that my cut-off is around 0*C or 32*F. Any colder than that and it gets sort of miserable. Not only the windchill factor but the bitter north wind gets your eyes watering something horrible. Some time ago, my coach advised me to never play in weather that was colder than 50*C unless it’s unavoidable (competitive rounds). I won’t talk about the reasoning now, but, I will at some point.

Yet, there I was today out on the course (it’s closed) walking with my pup playing fetch with him while striking a few shots with a wedge. The temperature was -2*C or 28*F.

As the snow fell, I suddenly realized that I might have an illness. A disease. An addiction. To golf. A feeling that I’ve never really had or a feeling that I totally forgot that I had. Maybe, it’s been denial. Either way, I’m having a hard time with the season coming to a grinding halt after finally getting my game back on track. It had de-railed for most of the season. As long as there is grass, I will continue to #FightandGrind.

Until The Next Tee!!