SafePlay® Golf selects The Media Group to manage Public Relations efforts for its revolutionary Monster Mat®

(GREENSBORO, NC) – SafePlay® Golf, creators of the revolutionary Monster Mat®, announced today that they’ve selected The Media Group, Inc., a golf specific PR/Communications firm based out of Chicago, to manage its Public Relations efforts for 2021.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., the Monster Mat® is less expensive and longer lasting than ANY other range mat on the market. Unlike most other mats that are made of nylon, the Monster Mat features a proprietary Z-Pro LSR Fiber fortified hitting surface that feels like nothing else you’ve ever hit off before. It’s Premier Shock System virtually eliminates hand and elbow shock making it the finest hitting surface you can use when practicing your golf game.

“Avoiding common nylon is one of the many ways the Monster Mat® stays newer, longer,” said Brent Paschal, owner and creator of The Monster Mat. “It also keeps the customer experience as exciting as it can possibly be, shot after shot, year after year. So, while you’re avoiding fading, crushing and delaminating, you’re enjoying consistent footing on a truly non-directional, supportive surface that took us almost 40 years to perfect. It’s the last (and best) range mat you’ll ever need!”

For more information on Monster Mat® visit their website


The Media Group started in 1996, working with a small group of clients, and has now become one of the most effective and highly respected PR/Communications Firms in the golf industry. The Media Group offers a wide range of services including strategic planning, public relations, direct marketing, special events coordination and trade show planning. Their objective is to build Brand Equity and increase Brand Name Awareness through editorial placements in print publications as well as other outlets like television, radio and the Internet.

For more information on The Media Group, visit

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