‘Tis the season. It’s December 1st, and there’s a ton of time to get some holidays gifts for yourself, or your loved ones that golf. In the way of gold, frankincense, and myrrh gifts need not be ultra expensive or inexpensive to make the golfer in your life happy. In my usual fashion I will list gifts at several price points.

I’m not affluent, so I understand that golfers and their families can have a tight budget. All of my gift suggestions are items that I’ve personally used and endorse based on my personal experiences. Never will I give my stamp of approval on anything that I’ve never tested, tried, and liked.

So, without further delay, here is Until The Next Tee’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

Happy Holidays from Until The Next Tee!!

PitchFix AquaBrush – The cheapest gift in the guide comes to you from PitchFix. PitchFix is known for producing accessories like their MultiMarker Chip and multiple models of divot repair tools. I’ve started testing the AquaBrush very recently, and it has proven to be such a great addition to the golf bag. Nothing beats having clean grooves, especially, when it’s winter golf season. It’s compact design, inner water reservoir/spray nozzle, and durable bristles make this item a stocking stuffer that many a golfer would appreciate. $14.50 USD (Package of 2 replacement brushes $4.95 USD)

Compact, handy, and practical. The PitchFix AquaBrush

Zero Friction Golf Gloves – Golf gloves. As a golfer, can we really have too many of them? How about gloves in a variety of colours to match with our golfing wardrobe? If you’re tired of wearing the standard white or black glove, look no further than Zero Friction golf gloves. I have tested these gloves all season long as I wanted to be sure of their durability. Gloves from Zero Friction have proven to be very durable. Is there a golfer in your life that suffers from stiff hands due to arthritis? Well, the Ultra Feel glove is a solution. The Ultra Feel golf glove is a padded glove which reduces tension, hand fatigue, and eliminates vibration through the shaft. Are you feeling patriotic? Look at the “Americana” or the “O Canada” gloves respectively. I guarantee you that there’s a glove that the recipient will like. Worried about getting the wrong size? Let me put your mind at ease. These gloves are universal fit and will fit almost any hand. There are also youth sizes too. Prices start at $13.99 USD but there is special pricing at the moment at https://www.zerofriction.com/

From the Spectra Matte golf balls to a wide selection of Universal Fit golf gloves. Zero Friction has a gift for the golfer on your list.

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls – I’ve tested several models of golf balls this year with varying price points. If you’re looking for a dozen new golf balls that will offer the golfer in your life a lot of “bang for the buck”, look at the TaylorMade Golf Soft Response. This is a golf ball that comes with a pretty friendly price tag. Any time that a golf ball comes in at less than $30 CAD per dozen is a good thing. Then factor in that it’s a durable, 3-piece design that performs very well in all facets of the game. Be sure to check out my review on that golf ball right here (https://untilthenexttee.blog/2020/11/02/review-taylormade-golf-soft-response-golf-balls/). Another added bonus is that these golf balls are available in white, high-visibility yellow and my personal favourite… matte red. $24.99/dozen.

The “sleeper” golf ball of 2020. The TaylorMade Golf Soft Response.

TRUE Linkswear ECO Knit Golf Shoes – These golf shoes are super lightweight and extremely breathable. What they lack in waterproofing, they make up for in design. The comfort is such, that you don’t even realize that they’re on your feet. TRUE Linkswear has been very innovative when it comes to golf shoe design, but, the ECO Knit are this to the “nth” degree. The ECO Knit golf shoes are made from the yarns of 100% post-consumer products. Instead of a plastic water bottle floating in a lake, that bottle could be processed to produce the yarn for the construction of the shoe. TRUE ECO Knit is first sustainable shoe. Not only would you be giving a golfer a gift, but you’d also be giving “Mother Nature” a gift too. $100 USD (Currently on sale for $65) https://truelinkswear.com/

“Fore the Planet” the TRUE Linkswear ECO Knit.

Tour Edge Golf Exotics EXS 220 – Receiving a golf club to replace an old one is always nice. It’s even better when you can get a quality, premium product without paying the premium price. This is exactly what Tour Edge Golf offers with the Exotics EXS 220 product range. These products were juggernaut, runaway medal winners in almost every category of the 2020 Teezy Awards. At the moment, Tour Edge Golf have the prices of these products marked down on their website. Prices range from $249.99 USD for the driver down to $159.99 USD for the hybrid. You can’t go wrong with the Exotics product range from Tour Edge Golf. https://shop.touredge.com/

The Exotics EXS 220 Fairway Wood.

Rapsodo Golf MLM – Rounding out my gift guide is this portable launch monitor from Rapsodo Golf. Say you had $499 USD available. Now you have a decision to make. Do I purchase a new driver in 2021? Or, do I purchase an item that is a serious investment to my game. An item that will help me improve and give me valuable information? Information like Clubhead Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Carry Distance, Total Distance, and Launch Angle to name a few. Games are available as well like “Closest to the Pin” to will sharpen you up during your practice sessions, while making them more interactive and fun. This launch monitor will do it. Are you worried that you could only use it outdoors and the cold, snowy winter has you hemmed in? Don’t fret, because the Mobile Launch Monitor from Rapsodo Golf has indoor and net capabilities too. Please note that, at the moment, the MLM is only available for iOS. Please check Rapsodo Golf’s website regarding specific specifications information. At the time of writing, the MLM is available for $399.99 USD https://rapsodo.com/product/mobile-launch-monitor/

Rapsodo Golf MLM

Until The Next Tee!!

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