The function of those little grooves on our golf clubs are so vital. Believe it or not, they are one of the keys, and quite possible are the most underrated key in the performance of our golf clubs. Clean grooves are vital in creating spin. Greater spin equals greater control.

Pitchfix is a leading manufacturer of golf accessories. From divot repair tools to the AquaBrush. A compact brush that attaches to your golf bag which allows golfers to keep their grooves and golf balls clean throughout their round. The latter being overlooked, because, for many golf courses in 2020, ball washers could not be placed onto the golf course due to COVID-19 safety protocols.

I just received an AquaBrush to field test and review, which is perfect for golf this time of the year. Any play right now will involve playing in very wet conditions. This is the perfect time to test the AquaBrush from Pitchfix.

Upon unboxing the AquaBrush, a couple of features stood out to me. Worth noting were…

  • Small compact design
  • Ergonomic. Feels good in the hand
  • High-quality, stable bristles

Many thanks go out to Al Abrams from Abrams Golf Solutions for giving me the opportunity.

Stay tuned right here for more information and the full review on AquaBrush. In the meantime, please enjoy the video below.

Until The Next Tee!!

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