After some initial obstacles and difficulties in the testing process of the Rapsodo Golf MLM, I had a breakthrough session. For the first time, I received accurate distance readings in that, the same distance that I observed coincided with the MLM.

Therein lies the difference?

I have one theory as to why it went so differently. I visited a different driving range on November 11th. The range that I tend to frequent uses yellow range balls. Instead, I went to a driving range that has white golf balls. There are flight restricted golf balls at both facilities but the difference that I witnessed was unbelievable. Is it entirely possible that the colour made a difference? Does the iPhone 8’s camera have a difficult time tracking these yellow driving rang golf balls, thus giving inaccurate results?

Time will tell. Here are a series of videos from that session and then the following day. Bear with me, it was windy as heck and the wind does clean up.

Session lead-in.
Short-range accuracy demo and readings.
Session summary.

The Following Day

Back to my usual driving range.
I am convinced that the golf ball colour may impact the accuracy the results.

Stay tuned for more as testing of the Rapsodo Golf MLM is ongoing.

Until The Next Tee!!

#fightandgrind #seeuonthenexttee

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