Testing has been ongoing for the Mobile Launch Monitor from Rapsodo Golf. Thus far, the testing has been a little hot and cold. While there have been some highlights where the MLM has given me a lot of insight, it also has given me some doubts regarding the distance accuracy.

Ever since, the team at Rapsodo Golf has ben extremely helpful in helping me get the best possible results for you, my viewers. Like every other testing and review opportunity, I always intend to give the fairest evaluation possible to every product that comes through Until The Next Tee..

Nearly 80* in November. Great for testing.

The team of Ms. Brenna Byrne (Uproar PR), Mr. Art Chou (GM, Rapsodo), and Mr. Charles Nishida (Category Manager, Rapsodo) have all been instrumental in helping me to get the testing going like it’s supposed to.

Between their help and a little bit of research on my own accord, I tried a couple of different things with the MLM and in particular my phone. I took off the case , which I suppose is bulky. It might have been just enough to get my device to sit properly.

Today, I tested for launch angle accuracy (I was working on launch angles) and to a lesser degree distance. The accuracy regarding the distance seemed to be pretty darn good today. Granted, I was only using my Lob Wedge. I wanted to check for low launch angles (skulled wedges) and the opposite of the spectrum. High launch. Also, I was working on lowering my normal launch conditions.

Research that I’ve conducted has shown that my launch angle is too high by approximately 4*. Enough to lose some yardage. My PW for example should be around 25* and I’m generally in the 28-30* range. Information that I wouldn’t have without the MLM.

Soon, I will be testing the MLM and its indoor/net capabilities. Stay tuned.

Troubleshooting to give the MLM the fairest chance to prove its mettle.

Until The Next Tee!!

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