Wow! I really don’t know what to say. Other than thank-you to each and everyone of you that have taken the time to stop and take a moment out of your busy lives to stop at Until The Next Tee.

100K views to some, may not seem like a big deal, but to me it is. I’ve worked tirelessly and scratched and clawed my way for every view and opportunity. Especially considering that about 98% of these views have been organic with n use of SEO or “click-bait”. There’s a lot of information on the internet when it comes to golf. Big budget websites, so big in fact, that one actually rented out an airplane to fly over the PGA Show Demo Day with a banner a couple of years ago. I’m definitely not that guy.

Honestly, I appreciate every view and every visitor that I get here at Until The Next Tee. Whether it’s 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 100,000, or 1,000,000,000 views, each and every one will be important and I’ll always be who I am, genuine, and I will never get too big for my britches. That’s my promise to you. If you drop me a note, I guarantee that I will do my best to personally respond.

Keep an eye open for a 100K Views Giveaway. I’m not too sure what it will be exactly, but I am going to throw a few things together as a token of my appreciation. Be sure to subscribe to gain entry when the giveaway is officially announced. Current subscribers are already entered.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank-you.

Until The Next Tee!!

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