Are you like me? Do you suffer from excessive perspiration on the golf course? In the summer or during hot and humid days, do you have perspiration cascading down your arms? I know that I do. Well, there might be a solution for you.

Dry Glove. An innovative product that is a lotion designed to keep your expensive golf glove in tip-top condition. Made from a propietary compound, Dry Glove doesn’t have a chalky texture, isn’t gritty, is not sticky, and is odorless.

Many thanks go out to Brad Nazzarini from Dry Glove for this testing opportunity. Please see the video below for the introduction and some initial thoughts.

If your sport requires a glove, Dry Glove might be a great investment. Stay tuned for more coverage on this product. Please visit for more information on this product.

Until The Next Tee!!

#fightandgrind #seeuonthenexttee

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