Testing is well underway of the Rapsodo Golf MLM. Out of the gate, the device was pretty impressive giving me some data that was very eye-opening. The information that I received started to explain some of the reasoning why I’ve lost distance. Namely, my launch angles that were too low. To the eye, I thought that my launch and consequent trajectory was good.

I’ve really enjoyed testing the device, however, a little bit of doubt has crept into my mind regarding results that I’m seeing. Mostly in the distance category, which in turn, has given me some doubts about the accuracy of the distance and launch angles.

During my most recent range sessions, I’ve received data that showed a discrepancy of 18-20 yards between the data I was given and the actual distance (in carry). I observed my golf ball landing 130-134 yards (with a PW), meanwhile, the MLM was telling me something considerably less. The MLM showed that the strike flew 23 yards less than the actual flight.

Doubt has crept in regarding accuracy of the Rapsodo MLM.

Since these videos were captured, I have since upgraded the firmware and ensured that the MLM has a full charge. Also, I happened to see in the FAQ’s on the Rapsodo Golf website that for the most accurate results, white golf balls should be used. The range where my sessions took place used yellow golf balls. Maybe that’s the issue?

Either way, I have since reached out with queries regarding these matters, giving the MLM an honest chance to prove it’s mettle and claims. I’ve even asked if my phone should be out of the case. I’m certain that it fits into the slots properly. It’s all about due diligence.

The fall golfing season is a great time of the year. The courses generally thin out a little and I love the fall foliage. But when the foliage falls off of the trees, it means that the inevitable is coming for us in the north. The snow isn’t too far behind. This is the time of the year to start making changes, if you feel that you need to address any issues.

Among the issues that I face this off-season, is a switch from a standard grip size with two wraps to oversize. Arthritis has plagued me in 2020 and suddenly, it seems like oversized or jumbo grips are in order. There will be another article in the near future on this topic and others. Are you planning on making any changes?

Stay tuned for more.

Until The Next Tee!!

#fightandgrind #seeuonthenexttee


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