Using The Rapsodo Golf MLM To Help Swing Faults

2020 has been full of surprises. I’m not talking about the obvious things like COVID-19, “Murder Hornets”, and everything else that has been 2020. But I’m talking about issues in my golf swing and adjustments that I’ve had to make. That’s going to be an upcoming article in itself.

On a mission to stop “flipping out”.

This year, I’ve had an ugly swing fault creep into my golf swing. A fault that pretty much came from out of nowhere. This fault or miss, has literally de-railed rounds of golf this season. That fault is the thin or “flipping” the club.

If you’ve never had the thin, it’s an ugly miss that provides no launch angle, causes poor direction, you lose spin on approach shots, causes a loss of clubhead speed, and with it consequently, lost distance. An iron shot that misses by one groove will cost a golfer 10-15 yards.

Through the use (thus far) of the Rapsodo Golf MLM it has given me very telling signs of the issues that I’ve experienced all season. Even though I knew that I was thinning shots, including low strikes on the face of the driver and metalwoods, it wasn’t until the use of the MLM where I saw the root cause of my issues. Very low launch angles which means that something was occurring at the point of impact. If your launch angle isn’t where it needs to be, it’s going to hurt you, even if your trajectory looks good like it did in my case. I’ve been flirting with trouble all season.

So, I went to the range yesterday at Brock Golf Course to focus on the flip with the goal of ultimately, killing the flip. The focus of this session was on my right or bottom hand and keeping the angle of the wrist at impact. When the dust settled, it was a pretty good session with the flip being held very much in check. A couple of them crept in.

Eliminating the flip. Bottom hand wrist angle at impact (flipping) vs maintaining the angle and compressing the golf ball.

When it comes to the driver and the metalwoods I now saw much better launch angles and ultimately more distance.

Stay tuned, right here, at Until The Next Tee for more testing and my thoughts regarding the Rapsodo Golf MLM (Mobile Launch Monitor).

Until The Next Tee!!

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2 thoughts on “Using The Rapsodo Golf MLM To Help Swing Faults

  1. Hello, thank you for sharing your experience with the Rapsodo MLM. Question: do you have any suggestions on where to purchase the Rapsodo MLM in Canada?


    1. Hi Cliff:

      Thanks for stopping in at my little spot here on the internet. I appreciate you taking out the time. Regarding sales in Canada. There is and there is the Rapsodo Canada site ( as well. As I recollect Golf Town might as well. I can contact them to see who their distributor is here.

      A full review is on the way.




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