When it comes to golf and technology we have seen all sorts of crazy advances. From agronomy to equipment to wearable golf technology. All of these things have contributed in helping golfers improve and shoot lower scores.

Another segment of the golf industry that’s helped golfers improve and play better golf is that of launch monitors. Launch monitors can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but there are some launch monitors out there that are small, compact, and fit into the palm of your hand. These launch monitors are called “Personal Launch Monitors”. And many of them cost less than $1000.

Among the types of units that I describe is that of Rapsodo Golf’s MLM or Mobile Launch Monitor. In looking at Rapsodo Golf’s MLM you have a device that costs less than $500 USD (the same price as a new 2020 driver). The MLM offers key swing metrics such as clubhead speed, distance, launch angle, and smash factor to name a few. But it also does a whole lot more like capture video during your swing sessions, the MLM shows your ball flight via a “shot tracer” and there are even games to make your game sharper. All of this through the use of an iPhone or iPad. As long as you have iOS 11 or better, the app will work.

While all of this is well and good, as far as I’m concerned the MLM had a flaw. The key word here being “had”. As I learned at the 2020 PGA Show MLM had no capabilities to work indoors or into a net. A real bummer for those potential consumers stuck indoors during the winter. Well, fret no more, because the team at Rapsodo Golf has since rectified this inconvenience.

Recently, I received the opportunity from Rapsodo Golf and Brenna Byrne (Account Executive at Uproar PR) to test and review the MLM. I received my demo unit two days ago and since, I’ve had a couple of sessions where I have employed the MLM. Below is my introduction video to testing and following that is a quick recap of my first session.

The Introduction
First session re-cap.

Stay tuned for the full review as I wrap up my testing down the road. We’re only getting started with this one.

Until The Next Tee!!

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