So far, I’ve discussed a few of Callaway Golf’s recent introductions to their new Big Berth B-21 product range. Having covered the driver and fairway woods so far, it only seemed fitting to talk about the Big Bertha B-21 hybrids.

The key thought as far as the Big Bertha B-21 range is forgiveness. Callaway Golf believes that with the B-21 range the result will be “Distance… Any way you swing it”. As featured in its larger stablemates, the Big Bertha B-21 hybrid features “Jailbreak Technology” and A.I. designed “Flash Face Technology”. The result is fasters ball speeds across the surface area of the face.



Introduced onto the Big Bertha B-21 hybrid is the advent of MIM (Metal Injected Molding) tungsten weights into the sole.. The purpose here is to improve your launch and trajectory. Also helping in that regard is a larger offset to help golfers square the clubhead at impact.

The Big Bertha B-21 hybrid will be available at retail on September 10th and will carry an MSRP of $249 per hybrid.  For more details, please see the press release below as shared by Jeff Newton (Global Communications Callaway Golf)

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The Big Bertha B-21 Hybrid is built for the players who want to unlock their inner distance with a total forgiveness package. This is our easiest to launch hybrid with a larger head volume, and it’s designed to help you get rid of the big miss that spins off line. When you hit it straighter, you hit it longer…it’s just that simple.

Let’s start with the industry-leading ball speed technologies that help you get all that distance. We’re giving you fast speeds across a more expansive area of the face with our A.I. designed Flash Face SS21. For even more speed our innovative Jailbreak Technology connects the sole and crown, which allows the face to take on more of the load at impact. So your shots can go a long way, even if you don’t make perfect contact.


To hit the ball straighter we’ve increased the offset. This helps to square the club at impact. To enhance your launch and trajectory, we’ve incorporated dual MIM’ed (Metal-Injected Molding) Tungsten weights into the sole of the clubhead. And to provide even more forgiveness, we’ve engineered our T2C Carbon Crown for higher MOI and easy launch.


Big Bertha gives you the performance technologies you need with a forgiving shape and increased offset.

Features & Benefits

Fast Ball Speeds From Flash Face SS21 – Fast ball speeds across an expansive area in each model and loft, with our advanced A.I.-designed Flash Face. So you’ll hit it long, even if you miss the center of the face at impact.

Straighter Ball Flight From Increased Offset – We’ve added more offset to help reduce your slice or big miss. This increased offset helps to promote a straighter ball flight for more distance.

Enhanced Launch and Trajectory Control From Dual MIM’ed Tungsten Weighting – Optimized CG for launch and stability from precisely shaped dual MIM’ed tungsten weight.


Increased Ball Speed And Easy Launch – Fast ball speed from two internal Jailbreak bars that connect the sole and crown, so the face can take on more of the load at impact. And to create higher MOI in a forgiving shape, we’ve used a significantly lighter carbon crown that allows us to redistribute weight.

Premium Components
Features a completely new RCH shaft, designed by Callaway to specifically enhance the Big Bertha offering, with an Active Tip Flag section for easy launch. And it comes stock with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Soft Grip.