Recently, I had an opportunity unexpectedly, fall into my lap. An opportunity to test and review a new product that was released by Tour Edge Exotics. That product. The EXS Pro Hybrid, and this hybrid is “Straight From the Tour Van”.

The EXS Pro Hybrid (and the rest of the EXS Pro Series for that matter) came from tour player feedback and 100+ PGA TOUR Champions players that have played Tour Edge Exotics products over the past few years.

Jon Claffey (Vice President of Marketing for Tour Edge) explained that the EXS Pro Hybrid was designed to be anti-left. The centre of gravity is designed to be low and forward to produce lower spin than we typically see for a hybrid. Typically, the center of gravity is placed low and back to help golfers get the ball into the air easier. With the CG low and back comes extra backspin. Also, the face of the EXS Pro is deep. The EXS Pro Hybrid features a deep face that is actually constructed from Beta-Titanium, a material usually seen in drivers. “The EXS Pro is one of the few Ti-faced hybrids available in the U.S. golf market and the only hybrid utilizing combo brazing technology for the ultimate in weight savings.”

The head itself, features a smaller, more compact footprint than that of the EXS 220 Hybrid which was also released this year. The EXS Pro Hybrid is clean in that it is void of any alignment aid placed on the crown. Other features of the EXS Pro Hybrid are…

  • Flight Tuning System – Two weight ports (heel and toe) allow for Neutral, Draw or Fade bias
  • SlipStream Sole – Provides better, faster, smoother turf interaction whether it’s from the fairway or the rough
  • S.D. Bar – The Sound Diffusion Bar placed strategically inside the clubhead of the hybrid to improve the acoustic engineering of the club (Look for an example of this in an upcoming video clip)
  • TrueLoft System – Dial in your distance. The EXS Pro Hybrid comes in 1 degree increments. “Extra quality control methods in the bending process of unfinished EXS Pro hybrid heads and includes an extensive triple-check
    on loft and lie in the final stages of the club head manufacturing process. “
  • Six different lofts are available ( 16°,17°,18°, 19°,20°, and 22°) 

Below is the unboxing video. Please watch and stay tuned for a lot more content on this exciting release from Tour Edge Exotics.

Until The Next Tee!!

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