Honestly, I feel like a kid at Christmas time. Or maybe, it’s the excitement of the first day of school.

In so many ways, I feel an excitement looming over me much like I used to on Christmas Eve, during my early much more innocent years. For 2+ million Ontarian golfers like myself, we are finally getting the opportunity to take our golf clubs for a ride in the car and walk or ride the fairways for the first time in 2020. It’s a day full of excitement and anticipation.


By the time this is published, it will be Saturday and I really hope to be asleep, counting the proverbial sheep as I fall into a deep slumber. My day will start at 5 am as I wake up and take my trusty Labrador Retriever for a walk. Afterward, I will shower, wake up my wife, drive her to work, and then point my truck in the direction of Scenic Woods Golf Club. This is my third year working at the golf course and for GolfNorth Properties. I really enjoy the membership out there.

But as I write this short piece,  there’s nervous energy that’s starting to consume me. I admit, that I am a little bit nervous about reporting to work for the first day in the “COVID-19 Era”. Mostly, this nervousness is my own doing because I’m a high-risk individual for contracting the virus. I’ve been safe up to this point, and the reason for that is that my exposure to others has been quite minimal since January 29th.


GolfNorth has listed the protocols that will be put into place for everybody involved. That link is below. Ultimately, the onus is on all of us to ensure that we all remain safe and healthy. This “thing” is very far from being over. We need to be vigilant.

GolfNorth COVID-19 Protocols

Many courses while opening, are not necessarily prepared to be open. The decision to allow golf and ultimately open came from out of the blue like a lightning bolt. So that said if the conditions aren’t to your liking. Keep it to yourself. Just be happy to be out there playing golf in the first place. Be safe and be kind to the staff. If they ask you to back-up because you’re encroaching on somebody, please don’t get “butt-hurt” and get mad. We’re just doing our job to ensure the safety of you, other golfers, and us (staff). We’re in this together.


My shift will come to a conclusion at 1 or 1:30. I’m actually not too sure when it will be. All that I know is this. When I have any sort of inkling as to when my shift will be over I will be heading out onto the links. It might be 4 holes or it might be 9. We did get hit with rainfall today. All that I know is this. I’m going to relish being out there. At that point, my other work will be getting put in. Time to put my swing to the test that I’ve been working on while on the UTNT Practice Centre For Deprived Golfers. Also, I do have testing of products as well. Please see my WITB video to see what I’m up to and what I’m testing.

If you’re getting out for the first time today. Stay safe, stay healthy, be vigilant, and most importantly have fun!! We deserve this.

Until The Next Tee!!

#fightandgrind #seeuonthenexttee


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