All of the Teezy Awards winners have been handed out for the individual categories. Congratulations go out to all of the winners and the finalists.

The 2020 PGA Show taught me something very important. It was a lesson that I learned in 2019 and it seems to be even more true in 2020.

When it comes to the golf equipment industry, there is so much parity that it’s almost impossible to comprehend. Furthermore, it leaves me bewildered. How much more the equipment industry can stretch the envelope in R&D terms? To bring golfers better equipment as the product cycles progress year-in and year-out. Sometimes, just a shaft can make a difference to a golfer and it can be the difference between a product being a winner or a loser. Look no further than my Callaway Golf MAVRIK driver experience. If you aren’t familiar with it look for the review or the here (MAVRIK Review).

The time has come for me to name the “Top Manufacturer” Teezy Award medal winners from the 2020 PGA Show Demo Day. How did I determine the winners? I looked at a lot of factors. Factors that included…

  • Teezy Award winners. Did they win awards this year?
  • Did they have a full product range of golf equipment? Driver down to putter (not including golf balls)
  • Variety of products. Equipment for all skill levels
  • Price point

The Teezy Awards are never a popularity contest. The Teezy Awards is and always will be about what gave me the best performance no matter how big or small a  manufacturer is. So, without further delay, these are your Teezy Award medal winners for the “Top Manufacturer” category from the 2020 PGA Show.

Gold – Tour Edge Golf

Tour Edge Golf is coming off of their best year ever. 2019 was massive for the Batavia, Illinois golf equipment manufacturer. Tour Edge’s Exotics EXS 220 product range for all intents and purposes blew their EXS range from 2019 out of the water. The brand is gaining more and more traction on professional golf tours. The EXS 220 driver has found its way into a number of players’ bags and that trend will continue as the season wears on. The Exotics 220 range won medals in the Top Driver, Top Fairway Metals, Top Hybrid, Top Utility-Iron, Top Game-Improvement Iron and Top Putter categories. Winning 5 Gold Medals in the process. As I was adding up and determining the winners for each category, I was actually shocked to see it unfold the way that it did. Their price point across the range sets them apart from everybody else. If there’s a knock against Tour Edge Golf and their EXS 220 product range, it might be the lack of “Lefty Love”. There is no doubt in my mind that Tour Edge Golf lives up to its tagline. “Pound for Pound… Nothing Comes Close”.


Silver – COBRA Golf

Taking home the Silver for “Top Manufacturer” is COBRA Golf. In 2019, as much as I liked their range, they generally came up short for being Teezy Award finalists. The KING F9 was a really good stick but it wasn’t enough to see a podium. 2020 is much different. COBRA Golf won multiple awards this year including Gold for the “Top Fairway Metal”. The KING SPEEDZONE metalwoods are extremely strong and as far as I’m concerned are a definite upgrade over the F9. The Forged Tec are irons that were everything that I thought that they would be and more, while the SPEEDZONE irons are worth a serious look for golfers looking for a new GI iron set. The T-Rail Hybrid Iron set which is an ultra game-improvement set is stupid easy to get the ball elevated with. Recently, I made swings with these irons. I began the undertaking of swinging left-handed and these were the first irons that made swings with from the left side. I feel like I could have gone right out to the course with them and played some golf. That day, was my first day hitting balls from the “wrong side of the golf ball”. I’ve said that COBRA Golf is one of the biggest “movers and shakers” in the industry. 2020 just further cemented that sentiment.


Bronze – Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf, as everyone might expect, brought some great products for 2020. It’s almost to be expected from the golf equipment manufacturing giant. That sort of expectation can be both a blessing and a curse. Callaway Golf has set the bar extremely high for themselves which I admire. They simply strive to be the best. Starting with the MAVRIK metalwoods, the offerings are solid. They have 3 different driver models (MAVRIK, MAVRIK Sub Zero, and MAVRIK Max) all with their own characteristics and target demographic. I would say that consumers will generally gravitate toward MAVRIK seeing that it’s a “happy-medium”. I’ve written ad nauseum about my experience with the MAVRIK driver. Had I suspected for one second that I needed an X-Stiff 70-gram shaft the MAVRIK might have won the “Top Driver” category. Honestly, I have been deliberating on the MAVRIK driver and my feelings about it since standing in an empty Orange County National Golf Resort and Lodge field where my car was parked as Demo Day reached it’s chilly conclusion. Callaway Golf has a buffet of iron options ranging from the APEX Forged down to the Super Game-Improvement MAVRIK Max. The MAVRIK Pro irons won the Gold Medal for the “Top Player’s/Player’s Distance” category. These were a player’s set of irons that seemed like they were an SGI iron set. The JAWS MD5 wedges were also award winners and rounding out their line-up is a bevy of putters from Odyssey Golf.


Until The Next Tee!!

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