Wedges are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a golfers golf bag. In my opinion, only the putter is more important. During the course of a round of golf, a 15-handicap may use the putter some 32 times (just an estimate). They might pull out their driver 13 times. Irons will make up the bulk of the shots that remain, but what happens when you miss the green in regulation? You need a reliable wedge to save you strokes.

Wedges typically come in two styles. Blade and cavity-back styles with cavity-back wedges slowly gaining more traction in the industry. Cast or Forged the options are endless.

Demo Day during the PGA Show is actually a tough time to determine Teezy Award winners. Only a couple of manufacturers ((Cleveland Golf and Titleist/Vokey) have a set-up for testing wedges with their intended purposes. Bunkers, greenside pitches and chips etc. But, I was still able to fairly judge the wedge category.

A maximum of 10 points was allocated for each of the following.

  • Feel
  • Aesthetics
  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Price Point


Gold – Cleveland Golf CBX 2 FULL-FACE (48/50)

The majority of golfers play cavity-back irons correct? So why not play a cavity-back wedge? The Cleveland Golf CBX 2 FULL-FACE wedges were released at Demo Day, and these wedges were a “slam dunk” winner in the wedge category. These wedges are versatile, uber-forgiving and the 64* that I played around with at Demo Day was “addictive”. It’s the most fun that I’ve ever had around a green. High flops, greenside chips, and pitches all had terrific results. The only shot that I struggled with was when I really opened up the face out of the bunkers at Orange County National. I just wanted to see what I could get away with. Why open up a 64* wedge? There’s plenty of loft. These wedges are a high-toe design and the Rotex and Laser-milling coupled with the Zip Grooves make this wedge very attractive. Your face is my case. Simply put, the CBX 2 FULL-FACE wedges will help more golfers than any others among the finalists. $149.99 USD


Silver – Callaway Golf JAWS MD5 (46/50)

The Silver Teezy Award winner for the wedge category was the JAWS MD5 from Callaway Golf. A very aesthetically-pleasing wedge, the JAWS MD5 comes in two finishes Platinum Chrome and my preferred finish the Tour Grey. Their “Groove-In Groove Technology” provides plenty of spin. Pitches and chips just into the area around the front of their tee deck were enough to convince me that these wedges would do wonders around the green. There are plenty of grind and bounce options to choose from based on what type of player you are. The JAWS MD5 feels great, thanks in part to the 8620 Carbon Steel that was used during their construction. Butter! $159.99 USD


Bronze – Wilson Golf Staff Model HT (45/50)

The Wilson Golf Staff Model HT is one of two swedges being offered in 2020. Inspired by and proven on Tour the Wilson Golf Staff Model HT features a high-toe design that allows golfers to have flexibility around the green. The Staff Model HT wedges also feature what Wilson Golf called “Advanced Spin” scorelines. The Staff Model HT felt great through impact with a solid D5 swingweight. To be frank, I preferred the feel of the HT over it’s prettier sister (or more handsome brother) the Staff Model Wedge. In my opinion, the Staff Model wedge is the prettiest of them all for the 2020 product cycle. I liked the aesthetics of this wedge with the “pockets” on the reverse side of the head and it’s almost like the mass opposite of the face aided by almost acting as a means of delivering more mass to the golf ball. $129.99 USD



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