One of the biggest reasons that I attend the PGA Show every year is because it gives me a chance to see and swing equipment from brands that I don’t see too often. One of those brands is XXIO. While, I’m sure that they’re around in Canada (bigger cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal come to mind) where I live, I simply don’t see them.

One of the irons that I posted a press release about leading into the show was that of the new XXIO Eleven irons. These are premium irons with technology that is underlying, out of sight, and nearly out of mind. Admittedly, their XXIO Prime range was a guilty pleasure of mine at the 2019 show.

The Set-Up

XXIO has been known for being a producer of premium lightweight equipment for several years. Their tagline for 2020 is “Experience The Difference” and let me tell you in a “sort of spoiler alert” when you swing XXIO you CAN feel a difference. How does XXIO achieve this? Most notably, it’s their “Weight Plus Technology”.

With “Weight Plus Technology”, XXIO places 13g of brass and rubber weights into the butt end of every XXIO shaft. It’s important to note that XXIO produces its own golf shafts for its products (driver, metalwoods, irons, etc). In placing the weight into the end of the shafts, golfers are able to feel mass in the handle which assists in the takeaway and reduces the effort required to swing each golf club. Think in terms of the weight behind the hands acting as a lever (leverage) or counter-balancing.

The Eleven (11th Generation) irons are the latest generation of XXIO irons. Eleven produced a redesigned cup face structure and used an exceptionally lightweight shaft partnered with “Weight Plus” Technology to produce fast, forgiving, and easy to swing set of golf clubs.

A key feature of the XXIO Eleven irons is their “Dual Undercut Cavity”. “Two slots cut into the iron body just behind the face dramatically increases face flexibility for explosive ball speed and distance”.

Who is the target golfer for the XXIO Eleven irons? These irons are geared for “moderate” swing speed players. There are more types of golfers that fit this demographic than you may think.


The Transition

Testing these irons was very interesting. I ended up at the Cleveland Golf/Srixon/XXIO booth at Demo Day as soon as I arrived. I actually thought that my first appointment of the day was there. Upon checking my calendar, it wasn’t. So I utilized my time wisely and made swings with all of the new products. Conditions were cold, windy and the wind was a “knockdown wind” coming from right to left. XXIO Eleven would be the first product (irons) that I would swing at Demo Day.

Aesthetically speaking, these irons are what you might think they look like knowing the target demographic. A moderately thick topline, a wider sole, and they are offset. They are designed to help moderate swing speed players in every way. Eliminate the slice and to help get the ball airborne. There is a “badge” where the XXIO graphics and tagline “Experience The Difference” is placed. The badge is tastefully done and not gaudy.

Already knowing about the “Weight Plus” Technology, I made a waggle upon picking up a PW from the rack and yes, I noticed the “Weight Plus” right away. The tee deck was quiet, so I picked a spot and proceeded to make swings. I ended up selecting a Stiff flex shaft and make swings. In the hands of some golfers I will categorically state that the XXIO Eleven irons make it feel like you’re cheating. These irons are extremely easy to swing. All sets are graphite (lightweight technology) and in the case of the PW the swingweight is C-9. Light!

XXIO Eleven is a very easy set of irons to launch with a predictable ballflight. Straight to a baby draw (my typical pattern). I tried to work the ball left to right and while I was able to do so, it took a little bit of work. The wind coming in from the direction held the flight up in that direction so that didn’t help. These irons want to go long and straight. A good problem to have. By the way, the loft on the PW is 42*. The results were the same in the longer irons as well. The XXIO Eleven sees the 5-iron as the longest iron available which is totally fine, because for the most part, the recreational player carries a 4H and perhaps even a 3H or a higher-lofted fairway wood.

I absolutely loved the feel of these irons. Yes, the forging is premium as you might expect so the feel is quite “buttery”. But the “Weight Plus” really is the shining star of these irons, as far as I’m concerned. I could really feel my hands get through the ball first and then the clubhead last. Strike after strike was pure! Like I said, it’s like I was cheating.

XXIO Product Specialist James Podera talks us through the XXIO product range for 2020. XXIO Eleven irons at 6:00.

The Finish

Why mince words? The XXIO Eleven irons are Teezy Awards finalists in the “Game Improvement” Category. Irons that produce an easy to repeat swing and ballflight swing-in and swing-out. The “Weight Plus Technology” simply works and when it comes to Game-Improvement irons the Eleven irons from XXIO check all of the boxes.

For more information, please check my press release here or visit XXIO.

Until The Next Tee!!

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