I won’t lie. The Knuth Golf High Heat 257+ TGS hybrid was very impressive at this year’s 2020 PGA Show Demo Day. Prior to this year, I had never made swings with their products. While the 3 fairway metal was solid, I was very impressed with the hybrid. There will be a “First Impressions’ review posted at a later date. The High Heat 257+ TGS hybrid emerged as a “Hidden Gem”. It might have been the most abused piece of golf equipment at the Demo Day as well.

For more details on the success of the 257+ TGS metalwoods and their PGA Show week please see the full release below shared by Jen Dixon from the Jamison Golf Group.

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BONITA, CA (February 6, 2020) — Knuth Golf introduced a new model to its award-winning line of High Heat 257+ metalwoods, the High Heat 257+ TGS to the golf industry at the recent PGA Merchandise Show, and the response can be summed up in one word:


The High Heat 257+ TGS features the novel Turf Glider Sole Technology (“TGS”) on the sole of the fairway woods 3, 5, and 7 and hybrids  # 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. It is designed to make it easier for amateurs to get the ball airborne for significantly more distance, even from challenging lies and divots.

Tony Leodora of award-winning Traveling Golfer TV Show named the High Heat 257+ TGS to his annual “Tony’s Top 10” list from the PGA Show.

“The best fairway woods and hybrids for the amateur golfer just got better,” said Leodora. “The addition of the new Turf Glider Sole technology virtually eliminates the possibility of hitting a ‘fat’ shot.”

Others were just as impressed.

“I saw golfers hit the High Heat 3 wood and 3 rescue clubs with its Turf Glider Sole technology which is one the latest and best technologies that really works.  You cannot hit fat shots. So if you have trouble hitting off the turf they will dig down into the ground and put you on the green every time, which is why High Heat was one of the hottest new products at the PGA show.”  – Jim Kelly, Jim Kelly’s 19th Hole

“I attended the PGA Demo day and visited Knuth Golf which has offered better technology for amateurs. This year it offered a Turf Glider Sole that is constructed so that it glides across the turf instead of digging into it behind the ball. This helps eliminate those distance-robbing “fat” shots endemic to higher handicappers.” – Gary D’Amato, WisconsinGolf.com

“High Heat’s new 2020 metalwoods with its Turf Glider Sole technology performs as advertised. I tried but could not dig it, and it is much easier to hit out of rough than any of other metalwoods including those with a rail system. This technology is amazing and will definitely help amateurs reduce their scores.” – Kay McMahan, Hall of Fame PGA and LPGA Teaching Pro 

With Turf Glider Sole Technology:
• You cannot “dig” these fairway woods even if you try, so no more “fat” shots.
• Your fairway woods and hybrids glide easily through difficult fairway conditions or the rough without significant loss of distance.
• Your hybrids will easily glide through a divot.
• You can even hit from fairway bunkers with significantly more distance.

The High Heat 257+ TGS metalwoods also feature technology from the company’s previous award-winning models that consistently receive rave reviews from media, instructors and customers:
• A center of gravity lower and deeper than major brands for consistently high ball flights with more distance and accuracy.
• Its novel 3-Trampoline Technology takes advantage of a USGA Equipment Rule allowing for the first time trampoline values higher than the center of the face’s limit of 257 for more distance on off-center hits where amateurs need it most. High Heat 257+ is the only brand that has this capability and is why it was named “the most significant new technology for amateurs in the past 25 years.”

Customer comments continue to pour in.

“With your Turf Glider 3 wood I have improved my distance by approximately 10%. I also use it more even in the rough and am hitting greens more consistently. Love the club.” —Richard Lemmey, Australia.

“I love what your new 3 wood brings to my game. It performs beautifully out of all the conditions I have played, including the rough and will fly about 210-220 consistently. Your 3 and 4 hybrids give me 180-200 yards and they get out of the rough so easily. I can also shape my shots rather easily with these clubs. Not bad for a 78 year old golfer.” —Dale Sanderson, CO.

For more information on Knuth Golf, visit www.HighHeatGolf.com or call Co-Founder Steve Trattner at 410-353-0446.


Dean Knuth, a former USGA Senior Director, designed High Heat metalwoods specifically with amateurs in mind. Amateur golfers need clubs that use nearly 50 grams of discretionary weight to optimize their much different performance needs compared to Tour pros with 115+ mph swing speeds who consistently hit on or very near the center of the face. Knuth was awarded Golf Inc. magazine’s “Top Innovator” award for innovation of golf clubs in 2016.

Steve Trattner, a former intellectual property attorney for the United States Golf Association, Pebble Beach and Pinehurst for over 20 years shares Dean’s passion of helping amateur golfers enjoy the game they love.

Knuth Golf’s High Heat driver, fairway woods and hybrids have been named the “Best” in their class by several major golf media every year since they were first launched. High Heat products have also won the prestigious ING Industry Honors award for Product Ingenuity for each of its first High Heat models clubs, and then last year for its entire High Heat 257+ line of clubs with its novel 3-Trampoline Technology.