My recent trip to Florida for the 2020 PGA Show was full of chance meetings and terrific surprises. One of these meetings was meeting 2019 World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee Jan  Stephenson.


Jan Stephenson became a member of the LPGA Tour in 1974 and during her illustrious career won 3 Major Championships, 16 LPGA Tour events and 41 victories worldwide.

The meeting took place at Tarpon Woods Golf Club in lovely Palm Harbor, Florida where I met Jan, Chris, Mike and “mom” who make up the team at Tarpon Woods. A golf club that has the distinction of being 1 of 5 Purple Heart Golf Clubs in the United States. Purple Heart Golf Clubs are those golf courses that cater to injured veterans of the armed forces. An example of this is making golf affordable and accessible to servicemen and women and their families. It’s important to note that in the case of Tarpon Woods Golf Club they are a non-profit golf club.


The meeting itself was very much an impromptu and spur of the moment chance meeting. Two years in the making we (Chris and I) finally made things work and I was invited to have a guest appearance on their podcast called “Jan Stephenson’s Shout”. I was so nervous the night before and of course the day of the meeting. I was nervous about meeting Jan (I went a little fanboy and bashful) but I was made to feel very comfortable.

On the podcast, we discussed Kobe Bryant, Payne Stewart, the PGA Show and what Until The Next Tee is all about. Below is a link to the episode of “Jan Stephenson’s Shout” that I appeared on. I even learned an Australian phrase, Please have a listen.

Also, if you’re in the area of Tarpon Woods Golf Club please give their facility a visit. They’re doing great things there and they’re doing great things for those who have sacrificed the most.


Until The Next Tee!!

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