With the PGA Show now in the books, the time has come for me to switch gears for the duration of this trip. From walking and running the show floor finding the latest and greatest golf products to what I perceive to be the fun part of this “job”. The time has now come for testing on-course and in the case of golf balls performance around the green.


While at the 2020 PGA Show, I received a ton of terrific product samples to test for review. Today (well technically it’s now yesterday) I made my way to the YMCA Par 3 Course in Lakeland, Florida to test an array of golf products. The products that commenced testing were…

  • Wilson Golf DUO Soft+ Golf Balls
  • Bridgestone Golf TOUR B Golf Balls.
  • Volvik S3 Golf Balls (I only have one)
  • Hempcy Active CBD Oil
  • Zero Friction Ultra Feel and Oh Canada! Golf Gloves
  • AXIS 1 Golf Tour-S putter

While testing with these products commenced today some time has already been spent with the following where I have had an opportunity to form opinions on the 699 Pro irons from SUB 70 Golf and products from Boomer Naturals.

Please view the introduction video below.

Until The Next Tee!!